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1 Million Zombies Versus Medieval Army In A Battle Simulator Video

Large, open-world areas, numerous game styles, and gigantic zombie armies are among the features of the upcoming early access sequel to Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator.

The trailer for Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 was published last year, and it depicted 1.3 million characters battling on-screen in gigantic armies straight out of a time travel narrative while keeping a clean 60fps frame rate. Since that trailer, the game has been delayed over its original Fall 2021 release date. On May 12, the Alpha 0.1 version of the game was published in early access on Steam, including five additional maps, two game styles, and 19 distinct unit types.

Simulator Battles, a YouTube channel that shows gameplay from both Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator games, aired a video on May 4 that appears to demonstrate precisely what the title suggests: A million zombies vs a medieval army of foot troops and catapults The film lasts little under twenty-six minutes and finishes with the medieval army winning a brutal and definitive victory. Since this video, Simulator Battles has included further videos from Ultimate Epic Battle Sim 2, including 2 million more zombies fighting a troll army and 1.5 million Romans facing a Nikola Tesla clone army.

While the gameplay appears to be intriguing, others are doubtful if Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 is worth being in early access. Many people believe that early access is harming games, and there are fears that Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 may suffer from the same issues. Numerous issues have been discovered in the present state of the game, and considering the delays, it may be some time before these flaws are corrected.

The Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator games don't have the most in-depth gameplay or the most spectacular visuals ever seen on screen, but they do provide a simple and enjoyable experience. Each game has a single goal: enormous, ludicrous wars between armies that will never meet in real life. However, with its fall delay and early alpha release, it appears like Brilliant Games Studios wants to take its time with the production process, which is a positive indication given how many studios are overworking their personnel and rushing to meet deadlines. Putting the game available for public testing, despite the lack of an official release date, demonstrates that the developer wants to continue developing and enhancing the game while still providing something for fans.

Sources: Simulator Battles

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