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A Breath Of The Wild Gamer Has Discovered A Death Mountain That Has Lava That Flows Backwards

On Death Mountain, a player of Breath of the Wild has stumbled upon a peculiar lava flow that defies gravity and flows upward from a midway point

Breath of the Wild is a massive game with an insane amount of detail. The production team clearly devoted a lot of time and effort to make this version of Hyrule feel like a genuine place, which has helped kept player discoveries, hints, and gameplay tips relevant even years after its debut. Of course, like with every game, there are a few minor flaws that slipped through the cracks of quality control.

These kinds of glitches can occasionally be really helpful for BOTW speedrunning, while other times they just have an odd appearance. A curious geological formation where a stream of lava flows backward has been found on the Death Mountain slopes by an intrepid The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild player.

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The issue discovered lately by Reddit members and BOTW player kinglucent definitely fits into the latter type. Although the look of a reverse lava flow is impressive, it is unlikely to have a much bigger impact on gameplay.

At one place on Death Mountain, where the lava flows over an uneven piece of the hillside, the split in fluid dynamics caused by this has had an unusual effect on the top portion of the lava stream. This part of the lava flow can be observed going backward up Death Mountain along a visible dividing line.

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The strange creation, which kinglucent claims are one of several like it surrounding BOTW's Death Mountain, is located within the crater where they claim lava flows both down into the volcano and up over the edge. Of all, as one remark emphasizes, the lava on Death Mountain isn't the most realistic. In a typical volcano, lava would flow up from the crater and spill over the edge rather than pouring from the edge to the crater and the mountain's exterior. A wrongly oriented texture pales in comparison to this, even if it defies gravity. Overall, Death Mountain in BOTW is an odd area. By the time of Breath of the Wild, the Gorons who dwell there had been mining the volcano for its rich minerals for millennia, with no sign of the resources running out any time soon. Its lava flows down from the crater's edge rather than up from the center, and this lava appears to obey gravity most of the time. Of course, the cause of all of this appears to be a case of creator error, with game makers ignoring minor flaws while focusing on their overarching vision. Death Mountain, on the other hand, varies dramatically with each game, its landscape continuously altered over the span of Hyrule's history.

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