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A Bug In Overwatch 2 Is Granting Players Free Golden Weapons

A glitch in Overwatch 2 is awarding random players a large number of Competitive Points, allowing them to purchase gold weapons for free.

Some Overwatch 2 players are receiving a large number of free Competitive Points, allowing them to obtain free golden firearms. The basic purpose of Overwatch 2 Competitive is to rank up and get the best possible rank. Overwatch 2 offers significant modifications to Competitive, ditching the original game's SR system in favor of a tier-based structure.

Something that hasn't changed between Overwatch 1 and Overwatch 2 is that players still earn Competitive Points when they win, which can be used to buy gold weaponry for their favorite characters. A glitch is granting certain Overwatch 2 players tens of thousands of Competitive Points, enough to obtain numerous golden weapons without putting in any effort.

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It's unknown how this happened or whether Blizzard would remove the golden weapons acquired with free Competitive Points. However, while this is an example of Overwatch 2 users receiving material that they did not have when migrating from Overwatch 1, other players have not been able to access all of the content that they had in the earlier game.

Overwatch 2's debut was marred by several issues, with player advancement being a major one. Many Overwatch 2 players have discovered that their Overwatch 1 skins and other cosmetic goods are no longer available in the sequel.

In certain circumstances, the game mixes seasoned Overwatch 1 players with brand-new players, triggering the First-Time User Experience and locking away many of the roster's characters. Blizzard is working on several Overwatch 2 issues and providing patches. Some Overwatch 2 players have subsequently received their OW1 cosmetics, so others who have yet to receive their stuff should be certain that it will be made accessible to them at some time. Time will tell how long it takes Blizzard to resolve Overwatch 2's launch issues, but with the Halloween event approaching, maybe everything will be resolved sooner rather than later.

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