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A Decree Of Reassurance From Warner Bros. To DC Fans About Release Date For Flash And Blue Beetle

David Zaslav, CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, promises that several DC Universe projects, including The Flash and Blue Beetle, will still air in 2023.

The DC Universe right now is going through a sort of renaissance shall we say. With the blistering success of Black Adam, (suck it lame ass critics) James Gunn being the leader for the entire franchise, and wonderful news like Henry Cavill returning officially back to don the cape once again, it really is a wonderful time to be a fan of this seemingly new era we are diving head first into.

But there are still some scraps and heaps of the old regime that we are left to deal with, even though some planned movies were ruthlessly scrapped like Batgirl, The Flash, and Blue Beetle movie are still plowing ahead with seemingly no obstacles in front of them as their release date for 2023 has been given the reassurance from the head of Warner Bros.

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CEO David Zaslav confirmed The Flash, Blue Beetle, and Shazam! during the company's 2022 Q3 earnings call. Fury of the Gods, Aquaman, and the Lost Kingdom are all still set to debut in 2023. "We are very excited about our full film slate for next year.

We're back in business with a slate of films that truly supports a distinct theatrical window "Zaslav stated. The announcement comes after a string of major delays caused by a company-wide reorganization that resulted in several changes to Warner Bros. Discovery's approach to theatrical and streaming releases.

Although all of that looks great on paper as they are obviously trying to protrude a look of stability and consistency which has been missing from DC for a long time until they fully move on from all the stains and black marks from the past there will always be a black cloud hanging over to which some fans will always linger on. The fact that the Batgirl movie got so ruthlessly scrapped after all the work they put in but The Flash movie is led by Ezra Miller who has been in the news all year in 2022 but never for the right reasons. Amber Heard is still in Aquaman after all the allegations of abuse leveled at her. No seeming attempt at any reconciliation or taking of accountability after all that Ray Fisher went through on the horrible set of Justice League and mistreatment from high DC executives. If DC starts to fix its mistakes, stand up and admit its faults, and have proper management and long-term planning for the said future, there can be finally some genuine reasons why fans can be excited for the long-term future of the DC Universe.

Source: The Direct

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