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A Fallout Fan Has Launched A Real-World Vault Boy Bobblehead Hunt

A Fallout enthusiast is bringing Vault Boy bobbleheads to San Francisco in order to launch a real-life post-nuclear treasure hunt

The Fallout series, created by Black Isle Studios and subsequently expanded by Bethesda Game Studios, takes players on a tour of America following a terrible nuclear war. The first two releases, which were isometric turn-based role-playing games, were set in South California and other West Coast locations. Fallout 3, a first-person shooter developed by Bethesda Game Studios, subsequently sent players across the country to explore the shattered ruins of Washington, D.C. Meanwhile, Fallout 4 recreates Boston, while Fallout 76, an online multiplayer title, transports players to West Virginia. According to Fallout 5 setting speculations, the next game might take players to New Orleans or Chicago, however Bethesda has maintained that the game is still several years away.

Reddit user mafnxxx is reportedly traveling to San Francisco to bury a package of Fallout Vault Boy bobbleheads in order to celebrate the post-nuclear role-playing franchise. The series' famous mascot, a happy Vault patron, appears throughout the franchise to represent different talents or tutorials. Vault Boy bobbleheads were previously available in virtual locations such as Washington D.C. and Boston, but Vault Boy will soon make a genuine presence in San Francisco. According to mafnxxx, the bobbleheads will be hidden across the Golden Gate City, so Fallout fans in the region should keep a look out for the familiar friendly face.

While a real-life scavenger hunt is set to commence, collecting bobbleheads in Fallout 4 is a difficult in-game activity for the most daring players. The 2015 entry in the series continues the concept of collectible Vault Boy figures, which were also featured in Fallout 3, by scattering 20 of them over Boston. Each bobblehead corresponds to a certain stat, such as Strength, Agility, or Luck, and discovering bobbleheads will significantly improve their corresponding stats. The Vault Boy figurines in Fallout 4 are well-hidden, so the quest may keep even the most seasoned Fallout fan occupied for quite some time.

The Fallout series has never visited San Francisco, but the city will soon be graced with the franchise's distinctive Vault Boy bobbleheads. The Golden City is enormous, thus the chances of really finding one of Mafnxxx's figurines are slim. Collecting a Fallout figure will not improve a fan's real-life skills, but it will provide attentive players with a beautiful post-apocalyptic souvenir.

Source: mafnxxx/Reddit

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