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A Fan Of The Last Of Us Shows Off Her Stunning Astronaut Ellie Tattoo

A fan of The Last of Us shows a lovely tattoo of Ellie wearing an astronaut helmet, which was inspired by a heartbreaking scene in The Last of Us 2.

Ellie's pre-infection fascination with the world is one of the more wholesome aspects of The Last of Us, along with her love of outer space. The Last of Us has inspired a wide range of fan creations, including a life-like Clicker mask from one fan and artwork commemorating key events in the game's tale.

Even so, nothing is as permanent as a tattoo to demonstrate one's love, especially one as beautiful as this one. It's fairly uncommon for fans to have tattoos inspired by the series, such as an outstanding The Last of Us Clicker tattoo or one that pays respect to the giraffe scene.

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This tattoo, on the other hand, is more like the latter in that it depicts the wholesome qualities of the series and characters in a way that fans would appreciate. On Reddit, Crossikki posted a photo of their Last of Us tattoo depicting Ellie wearing an astronaut helmet.

The tattoo is done in a simple illustrative black-and-white style, using stippling to accentuate features like Ellie's rucksack and creases in her clothes. The beauty of tattoos like this one is that they are typically only recognized by the fan base. As a result, it is portrayed as both a significant moment that connects players to the game and a stunning work of art that newbies may admire and perhaps attract them to participate.

In The Last of Us 2, there is a flashback segment in which Joel takes Ellie to an abandoned museum on her birthday, displaying Ellie's enthusiasm and childlike innocence as she interacts with various dinosaurs, history, and space exhibits. The tattoo was inspired by a specific incident in which Joel surprised Ellie with a model spaceship, an astronaut helmet, and a cassette tape on which Ellie imagined herself as an astronaut lifting off for space. This legendary scene has inspired not just tattoos, but also exquisite The Last of Us paintings that encapsulate what makes the series so special and why it has impacted so many people.

Source: Reddit

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