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A Grand Theft Auto Online Player Tries To Kill An AFK Player But Things Didn't Go As Planned

While they are AFK, a griefer targets a GTA Online player with the intention of killing them, but things don't turn out as expected.

There are various different types of gamers in Grand Theft Auto Online, including some who primarily play to hurt other people. In GTA Online, entering a public lobby might easily result in a player dying at least once as a result of someone else's schemes, although it doesn't always turn out in the attacking player's favor.

One player experienced this when they were abruptly targeted when they were not actively participating in the game. The plan to spoil the player's day, however, amusedly backfired, leaving the GTA Online griefer enraged.

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Reddit user and GTA Online player zooniVr posted a quick gameplay video of the incident. A player unexpectedly collides with their character, who is shown standing still, while driving a vehicle with one of the new chameleon paint jobs from GTA Online's Expanded and Enhanced edition.

The figure of zooniVr gets struck directly by the automobile, which also causes him to crash into a wall and collapse to the ground. The attacker keeps going after zooniVr, repeatedly running over him and losing only a little portion of his health until ultimately opening fire on them as well.

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But it all turns out to be for nothing. Around the time their health reaches half, zooniVr rejoins the game, at which moment they flick open their menu and enter passive mode. They sent them angry, threatening letters soon after, according to zooniVr, perhaps furious that their griefing attempt had failed so utterly. Other players quickly came out in support of zooniVr in the comments, expressing their own stories of being singled out by griefers. Players were ecstatic when GTA Online's most recent update was released. The upgrade allowed players to execute various missions, jobs, and sales entirely alone or with friends in a GTA Online invite-only environment without having to visit a public lobby. This enables players to finish their tasks and earn some money without having their laborious effort destroyed by others before they can profit. However, while people are in open lobbies, random attacks like this will probably continue. The only true options for a player in such a circumstance are to stay indoors, move to a private server before going offline, or return at the ideal moment to foil the griefer's plans like zooniVr has done.

Source: gtaonline

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