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A GTA Fan Creates A Cardboard Version Of Vice City

A talented Grand Theft Auto fan creates a whole cardboard recreation of Vice City from the fourth mainstream chapter in the GTA series.

A creative and ingenious Grand Theft Auto: Vice City fan constructs Vice City out of cardboard and other household items. The title locale of Grand Theft Auto: Vice Metropolis is a fictitious city based on Miami and Miami Beach, which this fan recreates exceptionally well with cardboard.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, inspired by films such as Scarface and Miami Vice, takes place in a world plagued by drug lords, brutal crime, gang warfare, and criminal empires. The game's engaging environment and characters, as well as its enjoyable gameplay, have kept it popular more than two decades after its debut, so much so that Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is still being modified for more material.

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Redditor rafaelmizrahi shares a photo of his cardboard and household object reconstruction of GTA Vice City. Designed methodically from the ground up, rafaelmizrahi appears to have spent countless hours perfecting every element in the copy. To give the city a more realistic appearance, images of shops and ads have been printed out and put on the cardboard structures.

Even though it is technically fictitious, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is based on a historical place, and rafaelmizrahi has nailed the essence of the city in this cardboard reproduction. Gamers like Vice City, and many people are hoping that Grand Theft Auto 6 will draw inspiration from it.

Gamers and video game enthusiasts may be highly innovative and capable of creating amazing things, such as a Pokemon fan who built Kanto's Route 3 out of Lego Bricks. Redditor rafaelmizrahi's cardboard reconstruction of a section of Vice City is an incredible effort that must have taken many hours of committed hard labor. While leaks and speculations regarding Grand Theft Auto 6 continue to circulate, fans continue to enjoy prior games in the series, such as Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. While playing, creative players like Redditor rafaelmizrahi continue to inspire by creating fan art, setting recreations, and other material based on their favorite video games.

Source: rafaelmizrahi

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