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A Minecraft Player's Cat Appears In An Impressive Ocean Art Build

A brilliant Minecraft player recently uploaded a photo of a work-in-progress of a magnificent in-game art creation based on their cat

Even without the countless free updates and paid DLC packs that have been published for the game over the years, Minecraft has a lot of promise for users who want to stretch their creative muscles. Thanks to Minecraft's numerous features and gameplay mechanics, talented and committed enthusiasts have created stunning metropolitan landscapes, fantasy worlds, sculptures, and intricate Redstone machinery. While complex and ambitious in-game constructions are remarkable, some of the most mind-blowing projects are built in Minecraft's Survival Mode, where the player's options are significantly reduced and their creations are at risk of being destroyed by hostile NPCs. Despite the increasing complexity, Minecraft gamers have built Big Ben and other tough constructions to display.

After submitting a photograph of an in-game sculpture modeled on their real-life cat, Reddit user aminervia was recently added to the list of remarkable Minecraft Survival artists. The image displayed for players to view is of an in-game map item that provides a top-down perspective of the terrain and reflects the player's modifications to it. In one case, it depicts a cat's face in the water right off the coast of a home base, a picture that aminervia claims is just 50% finished.

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While still in the works, this design is likely to wow even the most seasoned Minecraft aficionados. Even at this early stage, the degree of detail that aminervia has managed to communicate matches previous ambitious projects such as the Minecraft recreation of the floating house from Up. The cat's face has been shaded like a genuine picture, revealing the fur texture, eyes, ears, and coat pattern. When it's unclear whether aminervia intends to reconstruct the cat's full body after completing the face, the detailed image of a cat cuddling the shoreline might provide consolation while combating Creepers and swimming with aquatic creatures.

Despite the fact that Minecraft was released in 2011, players continue to wow the fan community with innovative and intelligent designs. Whether a player takes a no-holds-barred approach in Creative Mode or does things the old-fashioned way in Survival, it appears that Minecraft will continue to be a strong, accessible medium for digital art for a long time.

Source: aminervia

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