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A Minecraft Player Shows His Minecraft Retirement Home Built In The Sky

An amazingly creative Minecraft player has built the most beautiful and stunning sky village in their game world sharing it with a screenshot on Reddit

Minecraft, Mojang's blockbuster sandbox video game, is still the most played game in the world, with millions of players and fans coming in every day to create and survive in the game's inventive landscapes. Minecraft players are recognized for their innovative and inventive worlds that are so deep that they appear to have been developed for completely different games.

Minecraft's mechanics enable significant development of a wide range of landscapes as well as an enormous level of customization, allowing users to harness their inner builders and painters. Redditor jofcroxford shares a screenshot of a stunning sky town they built in their survival world, complete with floating islands connected by bridges and modest homes, and gorgeous trees.

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Now, creative Minecraft players sharing clever designs are nothing new, but jofcroxford's village shines especially bright since their stunning world floats high above the rest of the world and shows off a picturesque design that looks like it comes straight out of a dream.

Nestled softly in the surrounding cloud bank, the sky village looks like the legendary floating mountains of Pandora from Avatar combined with some anime-inspired landscaping similar to Genshin Impact.

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The first thing that comes to mind upon seeing this is how the player is expected to get there, given the sky hamlet hovers high above the earth. The Reddit post's comments show that the only genuine method to reach the sky town is to install the Elytra Pro mod, which allows Minecraft's elytra item to fly forever rather than its typical temporary flying mechanism. Still, Minecraft is not a perfect place, like most other games it has its issues. But most gamers believe that the capacity to build anything they can imagine is what makes Minecraft so fantastic. Every day, new posts on the internet depict wonderful Minecraft environments and buildings; as long as the game stays faithful to what it is, this will continue for a long time.

Source: jofcroxford

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