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A MultiVersus Leak Suggests That Mark Hamill Is Reprising His Role As The Joker

A data miner has spread audio lines apparently belonging to Mark Hamill's Joker for MultiVersus on social media.

Mark Hamill has the distinction of having played two of the most iconic characters in history, Luke Skywalker and The Joker, and according to a recent leak, the latter of the two may be finding his way into MultiVersus in the very near future.

The game has been exposed to several leaks in the past regarding additional characters such as Gandalf, Beetlejuice, and Gizmo, however, not all have become a reality, as the great wizard of Middle-Earth can confirm. It remains to be seen if this latest leak becomes a reality, but given that it looks to be from Update Patch 1.03, The Joker's arrival might be imminent.

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The DC universe is already well-represented in the arcade-style fighting game, with Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman all accessible since the early access phase in July 2022. Harley Quinn, the sometimes villain, sometimes anti-hero, was also accessible right away alongside the aforementioned heroes, coinciding with the season three debut of the character's animated series on HBO Max. In the near future, Black Adam is expected to join the lineup as Warner Bros. Interactive and Player First Games try to profit from the release of the upcoming Dwayne Johnson-led blockbuster.

This fresh leak comes from Twitter user Laisul, who often publishes possible MultiVersus leaks ranging from new characters to more cosmetics. Their most recent tweet revealed supposed audio lines from the game's newest patch that sound like Mark Hamill's portrayal of The Joker. Given that the language includes time notifications, character options, and match endings, Joker would function as the new announcer for the game and matches rather than a new playable character, as the footage and post imply.

Some gamers may be surprised that Mark Hamill is portraying The Joker in any way for MultiVersus, given that Kevin Conroy is the voice of Batman in the game. Since being cast for Batman: The Animated Series in the early 1990s, the actors have appeared in various more animated DC productions, including Batman Beyond and Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, as well as several games. However, it is not unexpected that some gamers would be disappointed that The Joker will only act as an additional announcer within MultiVersus. Their viewpoint is reasonable given that the Joker, regardless of label, is universally regarded as one of the most famous comic book villains of all time.

Source: The Gamer

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