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A New Ghostbusters Animated Film With New Characters Is In The Works

The Ghostbusters series is expanding even again, this time with an animated film from Sony Animation centered on brand new characters

Ghostbusters: Afterlife, a direct successor to the classic films from the 1980s, was released last year. The new film, directed by Jason Reitman, son of Ghostbusters filmmaker Ivan Reitman, served as a relaunch for the franchise. It presented the next generation of ghost hunters, lead by Phoebe Spengler, Egon Spengler's granddaughter (Mckenna Grace). Following the success of Afterlife, various additional projects for the franchise have been developed, including another sequel (now generally known as Ghostbusters 5) and an animated television series.

However, it is far from the last of what Ghostbusters has in store for them. During the official Ghostbusters Day event on Wednesday, Reitman revealed that a new animated film is in the works at Sony Animation. It will introduce all-new characters and provide a fresh perspective on the Ghostbusters mythology. Jennifer Kluska and Chris Prynoski will direct, while Brenda Hsueh will pen the screenplay. Reitman remarked in a statement during the event:

“This was a passion project of my father’s and it’s easy to understand why. The world of the unknown can only be properly explored through the limitless reach of animation.

Little else is known about this Ghostbusters animated film right now. The inclusion of completely new characters implies that fans shouldn't expect to see Peter Venkman or Ray Stantz, although modest appearances aren't out of the question. The fact that this Ghostbusters spinoff would give a "fresh perspective" on the series is especially fascinating; the film appears to concentrate around a totally different type of ghost-busting crew. Perhaps it will not involve a typical team at all, but will instead investigate other areas of our world that are commonly inhabited by ghosts.

In some ways, the animated Ghostbusters film seems similar to the 2016 remake directed by Paul Feig. That film, billed as the all-female Ghostbusters, was famously panned by a particular segment of the fans for, among other things, departing too far from the spirit of the original films. Reitman's statements in support of the animated film hint that the new Ghostbusters project will be a true and important addition of the brand. Ghostbusters appears to be focusing on creating its own cinematic universe. If done correctly, this might win over a whole new generation of fans while still pleasing those who have been with the band since the beginning. More details, hopefully, will be given soon.

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