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A New Marvel Video Game About Black Panther Could Be In Production

An industry teaser has gone to Twitter and teased the possibility of a Black Panther video game being in production after the release of the Black Panther 2 trailer

SDCC had major implications for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Unveiling the rest of Phase 5, revealing the proper title of The Multiverse Saga, (I mean if it wasn't already majorly obvious but I digress,) and the reveal of new trailers and clips. The one that probably had the most weight behind was the trailer release of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. The emotional tribute ensemble not only to just the character Black Panther but to the legendary actor Chadwick Boseman resonated with fans everywhere.

But as the Black Panther name was trending worldwide an industry insider took advantage to make an announcement of his own. As Jeff Grubb, struck while the iron was hot and released a tweet saying "Wakanda Forever trailer is great. Let's talk about the Black Panther game live tomorrow." This is kind of news to everybody because there is no public knowledge of any kind of Black Panther video game being developed by any company.

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Given the length of Grubb's tweet, there is plenty of possibility for misunderstanding. Grubb might be alluding to the Black Panther: War for Wakanda DLC for Marvel's Avengers, which was released in 2021. For all anybody knows, he may be referring to the Black Panther: Jungle Pursuit browser game on Marvel HQ. He may possibly be referring to a Black Panther game that was in the works but was later canceled. To summarize, Black Panther supporters should temper their expectations before Grubb releases further details.

But it is no secret that the Marvel Video Game department has been quite busy the past couple of years. With Square Enix's Marvel's Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, Insomniac's Spider-Man games, and the upcoming Wolverine. Midnight Suns and the mobile card game Marvel Snap. Any one of these companies could be making a Black Panther game, (my vote would be for Insomniac, let's get that Marvel Video Game Universe rolling people.)

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More information will be released today when he does his live stream and shares his knowledge about this mysterious Black Panther video game, but where there's smoke there is usually fire so this could actually be fruitful information. But there is no denying either way that fans would be elated for a Black Panther video game, and call me biased but something similar to what Insomniac did in Spider-Man would be amazing, can you imagine free roaming on the land of Wakanda that alone gets me excited thinking about it. But with Black Panther news being so prevalent right now, and Marvel on the steam tracks for the release of Black Panther 2, maybe they will announce this game as sort of an accompanying material for the marketing of the movie, which means maybe between now and the release of the movie will get some sort of official announcement, who knows.

Source: JeffGrubb

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