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A New Rumor Coming Out Of Overwatch 2's Colossea Map May Be Teasing At A New Hero

Video and photos from Overwatch 2's new Colosseo map may hint towards a new playable character from Italy.

Overwatch 2 was initially announced in 2019 as a sequel to Blizzard Entertainment's definitive multiplayer hero shooter. Overwatch's popularity may be credited in part to its distinct form of character-based team play, in which each player choose one of 32 heroes with distinctive abilities targeted to the damage, tank, and support positions. A good squad must have a well-balanced mix of heroes, with each player having particular favorites. The arrival of a new Overwatch hero always has far-reaching consequences for the game's future.


Images of a potential new hero, Zephyrus, were seen around the Colosseo map during Blizzard Entertainment's developer live broadcast. He is shown on a scorecard as "Zephyrus VS Maximus," carrying twin swords and dressed in Roman gladiator attire. This design suggests that Zephyrus might be a melee-focused hero, which would be unusual among Overwatch's large pool of characters. The Italian flag is also shown beside Zephyrus, implying that he is a hero of Italy and confirming the Roman gladiator paradigm. Zephyrus, if he is a new hero, will most likely be one of Overwatch's damaging heroes due to his weapons and clothing.

So far, just one new hero for Overwatch 2 has been confirmed: Sojourn, a railgun wielding Canadian cyborg. Sojourn had been in development since the game's conception in 2014, but Blizzard struggled to balance Sojourn's railgun owing to its resemblance to Widowmaker's sniper rifle. Overwatch fans have been waiting for Sojourn's entry to the roster for a long time, since she will be the first playable black female as well as bringing Canadian representation into the fold. Adding another hero, such as Zephyrus, would bring the total to a nice and even 34.

At the time, this is only hearsay and conjecture, since Blizzard has yet to officially unveil any new Overwatch 2 characters. Unplayable heroes like Zephyrus and Maximus might be included on maps as a kind of world-building, helping to engage players in Overwatch's tale by displaying details of a bigger universe of fighters than the playable characters. With big changes coming to Overwatch 2, such as cutting team size from six to five, converting Doomfist into a tank hero, and completely overhauling Orisa's kit, fans will undoubtedly be preoccupied with acclimating to the various changes that will be there when the game launches.

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