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A New Skyrim Mod Replaces The Moon With The Helios Station From Borderlands

Skyrim modders have replaced the evening moon with Borderlands' Helios Station, resulting in an intriguing and unusual crossover of both games

Skyrim normally has two moons, one bigger named Masser and one smaller called Secunda. The phases of Skyrim's two moons are significant in Khajiit tradition because the subspecies of Khajiit kittens are decided by the phases of the moons on the day they are born. In Borderlands, Elpis is the sole moon that circles the planet Pandora, and it contains one of the famous Vaults concealed under the surface in an underground complex. However, Borderlands Vaults carry such destructive power that the Helios Station's laser weapon is designed to destroy Elpis if the Vault falls into the wrong hands.

Skyrim's moons have been replaced with Pandora's moon Elpis in a new version, with the Helios Station hanging ominously in front of it. ENDERIAN ANIMATION Studios produced this mod, which was shared by Nexus user JackLemon123. The hack replaces both moons normally present in Skyrim's night sky with Elpis and the Helios Station, as if the player is now on the planet of Pandora rather than Skyrim. This isn't the first time modders have sought to mix Skyrim with more Borderlands-like characteristics; for example, texture modifications exist to give Skyrim the famous cel-shaded aesthetic of Borderlands. Skyrim's combination of sci-fi and fantasy creates a more intriguing and unusual player experience.

Masser and Secunda of Skyrim and Borderland's Elpis are diametrically opposed in their themes of birth and destruction. Furthermore, replacing the moons with the new mod may have an impact on the lore of Skyrim's universe. The loss of a second moon would put the Khajiit's sub-species system off-kilter, depriving them the Manes, an exceedingly rare variety of Khajiit that is only born on nights when Masser and Secunda are in alignment. While this may not be an issue for those playing as a different species, it may cause dissonance for those who like the game's detailed narrative.

Those who aren't concerned with changing the visual appearance of Skyrim's moons can download and install the Helios Station mod from Nexus. Borderlands fans may be happy to gaze up from their Skyrim adventures and find the Helios Station hanging menacingly in front of the moon once it is introduced.

Source: JackLemon123

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