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A New Video Released On Marvel's Avengers Twitter Reveals Jane Foster Thor's Voice & Origins

Jane Foster, the Goddess of Thunder from an alternative reality, is introduced in a new Marvel Avengers teaser with her voice actor Zehra Fazal

The multiplayer video game Marvel's Avengers of Crystal Dynamics is preparing to bring Jane Foster, the hammer-wielding Goddess of Thunder into the game. She was first announced in April, and she is now due to debut in-game on June 28.

Despite the fact that the game hasn't widely panned out as it was expected when it debuted, Crystal Dynamics has continued to promote Marvel's Avengers by providing free post-launch upgrades. Since its debut, the game has gained four more heroes, including Spider-Man, who is a PlayStation-only character. With the Black Panther - War for Wakanda expansion being the largest piece of post-launch Marvel Avengers content to date, each new Marvel icon has been supported by extra narratives and objectives.

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The origins of the game's version of Jane Foster are revealed in an animated Marvel's Avengers video shared on Twitter. Mjolnir picks Jane Foster to be the Mighty Thor in an alternate world where Thor vanished and Odin the All-Father went insane. Jane, like her comic counterpart, has battled cancer, and in order to fight Odin, she enlists the support of Thor's adopted brother Loki. Jane is brought into the main Marvel's Avengers timeline shortly after the two beat Odin together.

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Another Marvel's Avengers tweet indicates that Zehra Fazal, who voiced in Titanfall 2 and Borderlands 3, will play Mighty Thor in the game, with more of her tale expected to be revealed when she debuts on June 28.

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Marvel's Avengers will feature a MODOK boss encounter as a new piece of endgame content with the inclusion of Jane Foster next week. The game's single-player narrative has the genius supervillain as the major opponent, but he is never seen again.

Following Jane's introduction in Marvel's Avengers 2.5, the 2.6 updates will provide a new Warzone and an Omega Level Threat, as well as the return of MODOK. According to reports, the Warzone will be accessible to a wide variety of players, but the Omega Level Threat will transport players to the Cloning Labs for a challenging confrontation reserved for max-level Avengers.

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The last new cross-platform character added to Marvel's Avengers was Black Panther in August 2021, so fans are certain to be delighted to see more of Jane Foster. Her origins trailer provides the deity an interesting past, with Odin and Loki playing major parts in the events of her parallel universe. The movie concludes with Jane being taken to the main Marvel Avengers realm, with her story presumably following up shortly after those events when she appears in-game on June 28.

Sources: Marvel's Avengers

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