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A Pokémon Fan Has Created A Beautiful Cubone Terrarium Piece

An impressive piece of terrarium art inspired by the Ground-type pocket monster Cubone is shown by a Pokemon enthusiast.

It appears that the Pokemon community will always remain a secure location for its members to exchange fan art and works that they have painstakingly made. It is not unexpected that Pokemon fanatics post images of their most recent creations on social media sites and forums.

The sense of community and fandom sharing that these artists experience is probably what gives them the courage to display their work in public. The creator of the terrarium item probably planned to meet more Pokemon lovers with a pocket monster as well-liked as the Ground-type Cubone. Or at the very least get comments and useful critique on how to enhance the complex artwork they were creating.

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On the Pokemon subreddit, member DepartureWeary shared a picture of their terrarium in progress along with the statement, "I'm loving my own work." Cubone's skull is shown in the image resting on what appears to be moss beneath the curved glass.

The stunning Pokemon terrarium piece is finished with a rose and a few mushrooms, giving it the appearance of a shrine devoted to Ground-type Pokemon. Unfortunately, DepartureWeary did not provide any information on how they were able to correctly recreate Cubone's skull or what materials they utilized.

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The artist's love for the terrarium was expressed in comments on the Reddit thread. Some others thought the terrarium was stylish and lovely. One user, in particular, suggested that the artist should have used a Paras mushroom or the blossom from the Grass-type Kanto Pokemon Venausar under the glass dome rather than more typical-looking plants. While there have been other fan-made Pokemon terrarium pieces, this appears to be DepartureWeary's first. Since every piece of unique fan art or merchandise is deeply personal to its creator, it is definitely crucial for the Reddit user to understand what other Pokemon fans think of their creation.

Source: DepartureWeary

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