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A Pokémon TCG Player Gains Fame After Entering A Competition With Large Cards

After playing giant TCG cards during the Pokémon Championships North America event, a fan of the Pokémon Trading Card Game became popular online

The first-ever gigantic card for the Pokémon Trading Card Game was published in 2002 as a promotional gift along with a copy of Top Deck Magazine. An enlarged version of the well-known Pikachu card from the Pokémon TCG Base Set made up the rare collectible. The Pokémon Company International began hosting the Pokémon World Championships in 2004 when Wizards of the Coast left.

The annual competition brings together the top Pokémon players from across the globe to compete in the different games from the series. A Pokémon card player who participated in the Pokémon Championships North America competition in June 2022 caused a stir when he amusingly entered the TCG component of the competition with a deck that was built up entirely of oversized cards.

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An image of Pokémon Championships competitor Matthew Verive using his massive Pokémon card deck was released on Twitter by gaming writer Joshua Yehl along with a story on the viral tournament event. The tournament directors debated whether to allow the jumbo deck to be used at first but ultimately decided to allow the game to proceed.

Verive wasn't actually able to employ his large Pokémon for an attack because the TCG never produced gigantic Energy cards. Matthew Verive said that his deck included Shining Fates from 2021 as well as some contemporary giant cards from the Pokémon 25th anniversary TCG set. Even the gigantic VSTAR cards from the February Brilliant Stars TCG expansion were included in the deck.

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At the Pokémon Championships North America event, the large TCG cards were permitted in three bouts, however, Matthew Verive also disclosed on Twitter that he withdrew after the judges requested a thorough examination of his cards. The Pokémon community as well as tournament watchers loved his novel approach. Even the official UK Pokémon TCG Twitter account participated in the fun by posting a photo of a person holding up a massive stack of oversized Pokémon cards. The Pokémon Company International is expected to implement some rule adjustments to the Pokémon Trading Card Game in response to the spectacular gigantic card ploy in the North American championship, however, to ensure that we don't witness another oversized Pokémon card strategy at the World Championships in August.

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