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A Star From The Walking Dead Wants To Return For A Gamma Origin Story Spinoff

Thora Birch, who first appeared on The Walking Dead in season ten, wants to return to explore the character's origins, maybe in a spinoff.

The Walking Dead follows a group of survivors as they deal with the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse and the new global order. The Whisperers, a mystery organization that utilizes zombie-like masks to get by, were introduced in the ninth season. Birch's Gamma, who was murdered off in the midst of the tenth season, was a key member of the gang. Once the main series finishes, The Walking Dead will release a slew of spinoffs.

In an interview with ComicBook, Birch expressed interest in revisiting the character and said she'd like to learn more about Gamma's past. She claims to have her own theories about Gamma's origins, but no interest from the brand has been reported. Given the massive quantity of stuff the franchise is greenlighting, she doesn't want to rule it out. Read the following quote from her:

"I don't think anyone will entertain it, but honestly, I do have a personal dream type of fantasy idea about the origin story of Gamma, I think it'd be fascinating. So, I mean, I'm not ruling anything out."

Tales of the Walking Dead, which is slated to have an anthology style where different people and places are explored with each episode, is one of the show's spinoffs that Birch might participate in. Samantha Morton, who portrayed Alpha, The Whisperers' leader, has stated that she will reprise her role in the upcoming series, creating a precedent for returning characters. Tales of the Walking Dead is one of numerous The Walking Dead spinoffs in the works, including an untitled Daryl Dixon series and Isle of the Dead, which will concentrate on Negan and Maggie.

Though The Walking Dead may have taken on too much in terms of spin-offs and sequels, the world-building allows plenty of potential for further storylines, as seen by Fear the Walking Dead's popularity. The Walking Dead has always demonstrated that compelling individuals can breathe new life into the tired zombie apocalypse backdrop, resulting in a plethora of compelling stories. Though it's unclear whether Birch will return to the series, she would be a welcome addition to Tales of the Walking Dead, just as she was to The Walking Dead.

Source: ComicBook

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