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A Steam Deck User Replaces The Boot Screen With Shrek And Is unable To Skip It

Valve now officially enables custom Steam Deck launch screens, but one user has gone above and above with Shrek.

After a number of Valve's portable gaming PC users tweaked the original boot animation, a recent operating system upgrade added full support for the functionality, as well as an easier way to upload replacement animations to the device. It's worth noting that Steam Deck's custom boot-up animations still have certain limits by default.

There is, in fact, a video time limit in place, though exceptionally astute individuals have already identified methods around it. This allows for much more customization than Valve intended, but as Redditor thstephens8789 discovered, there's a reason those restrictions exist. Setting up homemade films has been one of the community's favorite diversions since Valve's Steam Deck boot-up animation upgrade.

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In the instance of thstephens8789, however, this has become a bit of a problem because they overrode the time limit and replaced the boot screen with the whole version of 2001's mega-hit Shrek. Because there is no way to bypass the Deck's boot-up animation, the situation has taken an unforeseen turn.

"It's all ogre," one Reddit member wrote after thstephens8789 blogged about their strange predicament. While most users like to install short, quick, and attractive animations like ProjectPlatt93's Steam Deck Star Wars boot film, some are more adventurous. When the user of this specific Steam Deck switches the device on to play a game, they must first watch the whole Shrek movie.

With over a million Steam Decks having sold, it's almost a foregone conclusion that some users would want to tinker with their devices in ways that aren't necessarily encouraged. Thstephens8789 discovered the importance of default file restrictions the hard way. Of course, Steam Deck owners aren't the only ones that make mistakes now and again. Valve's most recent official Steam Deck video featured Switch emulation, and while it was quickly removed and replaced with an alternative, it demonstrated that the firm is fully aware of how significant their device is to aficionados of game emulation. But whether Nintendo feels the same way is a whole new bucket of worms.

Source: Reddit

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