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A Talented Wood Carver And Pokémon Fan Carves A Beautiful Arcanine On A Card Storage Box

One very skilled Pokémon fan is getting some serious attention online thanks to his unique Pokémon card storage box which features a beautiful carving of Arcanine on top

Fandoms are wonderful. They are a group of people that conglomerate together when they have one major thing in common. They're appreciated for ... X. Now "X" could be whatever, a music artist, a movie franchise, a video game, tv series, etc... But you see, Pokémon is one of those rare instances where they are all of the above and actually much more. Although the most important thing I am trying to say about all of this is not a lecture about what Fandoms are, the people in them, and sometimes you have certain Fandoms, (yes I have said Fandoms too many times I know,) who have some seriously incredible talented people in them.

The Pokémon fandom, or Pokéfans as they are called according to Google, have some seriously talented people in them. With the fanart they draw, the music they create, and the videos they edit. Seriously there is no shortage of Pokémon fan content online which would leave you seriously amazed. But this is a first for me that is for sure.

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A person going by the moniker of u/FrigginBoomT shared their excellently carved card storage box with Arcanine on the Pokemon subreddit. The carving presents a very accurate representation of the fire dog-like Pokemon, choosing to depict the old Hisuian Arcanine rather than the new one.

Every significant feature of Arcanine, including its billowing beige fur and sharp black stripes as well as its diamond-shaped ears, is accurately portrayed in the sculpture. Arcanine's characteristics are also distinguished from the backdrop by the carver's use of distinctive wood tones, giving the artwork a polished appearance akin to that of genuine Pokemon products.

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It's an exquisite piece of work because not only of the amazing artwork but the craftsmanship of it all. It is a rare skill in general but seeing it be incorporated with something so beautifully brings a smile to many of faces and is shown with the love it has gotten online. But this is not the only piece of work which has been done by this talented carver. FrigginBoomT created another carved box with the three Legendary birds a few months ago. An aesthetically appealing mosaic carving was made by the artist using the stained-glass card featuring Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres as inspiration. The works of the prolific carver and Pokemon aficionado don't end there. Additionally, the artist carved a pair of Mimikyu boxes with two variants of the same design. Both depict a Ghost/Fairy-type figure peering at the viewer with its appendages peeking out from under its rag, but only one is on a lighter piece of wood than the other. It should be fascinating to see which Pokemon wood box carving the artist chooses to work on next because there are constantly more of them.

Source: FrigginBoomT

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