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Actor Seemingly Confirms Silent Hill With Image Leak

Following the supposed leak of new Silent Hill photos, actor Fadile Waked responded, possibly confirming their validity

This week has been a frenzy of leaks, stories, and rumors for the Silent Hill fans. Some of the most commonly reported material adds specifics to what many people already know, such as the rumored Silent Hill 2 remake by Bloober Team. However, speculations regarding further Silent Hill projects have surfaced in the last week, with a recent source stating that up to three Silent Hill titles are now in production. These include a Silent Hill 2 remake, an episodic Silent Hill narrative akin to Telltale's The Walking Dead series, and, perhaps most importantly, a brand-new major entry in the genre. The supposedly authentic Silent Hill screenshot leaks are said to be from this upcoming game, which internet investigators believe will be set in Britain due to the inclusion of British terminology in the photos.

Brazilian actress Fadile Waked recently published an Instagram story commenting on the leaked photographs, adding that she has been getting messages since her "pics spilled everywhere," as reported by Silent Hill fans in a Reddit post by MinatoHikari (via GamesRadar). She then says she has to "check out the new Silent Hill." Waked's narrative includes images from account fcreews that show her in a motion-capture suit next to a man who has a strong similarity to Hideo Kojima. Because Waked is headquartered in Japan, some Reddit users feel she is more likely to be engaged in the reported Silent Hill project.

This post from Waked, along with other speculations and Konami's update to the Silent Hill trademark, has boosted supporters' confidence, with many believing the leaked photos are all but verified. However, all of this should be taken with a grain of salt, since Waked's statements might merely indicate that her photographs have been linked to Silent Hill by fans, rather than definitively confirming her involvement. This more conservative view is backed by the gaming industry's penchant for secrecy; while leaks sometimes occur, an actor in a new Silent Hill game would almost certainly sign an NDA of some form and would be less likely to casually talk about the project online. Hideo Kojima's involvement would increase the likelihood, since his reunification with Konami would be meticulously prepared from a public relations aspect.

However, there are compelling reasons to assume that Konami will be rejuvenating the beloved horror genre, even if a new entry is less likely than, say, a Silent Hill 2 remake. It's also worth noting that the original leak received a copyright strike from Konami, implying that the photographs do actually belong to the corporation. Waked's mo-cap images, although having the potential to be related to a variety of projects, might just as well be linked to Silent Hill, and her post could simply be a PR and marketing blunder. Even though certain leaks appear to be corroborated by outside sources such as actors, it is simply too early to make conclusive judgments about the future of Silent Hill.

Source: MinatoHikari/Reddit, fadilewaked/Instagram, fcreews/Instagram

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