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Amazon Have Revealed Why They Moved Forward In The TV World But Cancelled Their Lord Of The Ring MMO

The rationale behind the decision to discontinue a Lord of the Rings MMO that had been previously planned has been revealed by Amazon.

According to Amazon, the reason it shelved a Lord of the Rings MMO last year was that Tencent's acquisition of the intended developer caused major problems. The Lord of the Rings MMO from Amazon, which was once envisioned as a free-to-play game and would have enabled players to explore Middle-earth before any of the events described in Tolkien's novels, was first mentioned in 2019.

Even the arrival of the Lord of the Rings MMO in 2022 was anticipated. But sadly for those who were looking forward to exploring Middle-Earth with their companions, Amazon canceled the game back in April 2021.

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It appears that Tencent's acquisition of Leyou was the main factor in the Lord of the Rings MMO's demise. Christoph Hartmann, president of Amazon Games, spoke with Gamespot about the challenges he had when working with Tencent after the company bought Leyou. The Lord of the Rings MMO was effectively put to rest in its current shape as a result, and this is what actually put a stop to the project.

It was still conceivable for Amazon to continue working on their Lord of the Rings video game, but doing so would have meant either hiring a different developer or engaging in tense discussions with Leyou, Tencent, and Middle-earth Enterprises.

Amazon just debuted The Rings of Power, a television series inspired by the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, despite the fact that its attempt to produce Lord of the Rings video games may not have been successful. While there has been some debate on how The Rings of Power has been received by the public, it appears that critics have mainly praised the program thus far, praising it for being a return to form for the epic fantasy that followers of The Lord of the Rings films will be accustomed to.

Source: Gamespot

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