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Amazon's The Boy's Were Given Strict Instructions To Reduce One Character's Crotch Bulge

Chace Crawford explains why Amazon determined his character, the Deep, couldn't have a visible bulge in Season 1 of The Boys

Whereas Homelander is a warped Superman and Queen Maeve is Wonder Woman, Chace Crawford's The Deep is an Aquaman spoof. The Deep was booted out of The Seven for sexually assaulting Starlight in season one, and he has fought to rebuild his reputation ever since. In addition to losing fish pals and being forced to consume Fresca in season 2, he joined the Church of the Collective, a Scientology-like group. Deep is easily one of The Boys' most absurd characters, and one that the authors enjoy putting through the wringer.

Crawford recently spoke with the Daily Mail about an official Amazon calendar coming in 2019 featuring his character, who is exceedingly well-endowed. Kevin Moskowitz, it turns out, was intended to be absurdly, genetically gifted. The powers that be at Amazon, on the other hand, were not pleased when they discovered Crawford was using a prosthetic penis beneath his superhero outfit. As a result, CGI effects were employed to splice Deep's package into previously recorded scenes. Read on to find out what Crawford had to say:

[Showrunner Eric] Kripke was like, ‘We get no notes from Amazon, but the first one we got was that can't f**king happen, we've got to take that out,’ he said. And we had to edit it out.

Given Deep's apparent lack of huge enthusiasm, it's possible The Boys opted to change his package. Crawford's character is still being mocked in Season 3 of the show. He is still a despicable person who provides much fodder for humor. Audiences can't help but feel sorry for him at times, which is a tribute to the show's authors.

The in-universe calendar was a promotional item sent to the press, with Deep appearing in different handsome boy positions meant to appeal to adoring fangirls. Deep emerges from the sea with his large bulge and a pair of dolphins in the March 2020 spread, as seen above. Crawford went viral when the photo surfaced on the internet in 2019, with many admirers either swooning or saluting the former Gossip Girl star. The sarcastic picture, like The Boys' increasingly brilliant and self-aware marketing, enticed at least some people to watch season 1.

Source: Daily Mail

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