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Amidst DC Burning To The Ground Joker 2 Is The Only Project To Still Have Official Green Light

The Joker sequel is the first Warner Bros. Discovery DC movie that has received the green light to begin production amid delays and cancellations for DC movies.

Joker: Folie á Deux, the follow-up to Todd Phillips' Joker, is the only DC movie that Warner Bros. has formally approved since joining up with Discovery. Variety claims that Folie à Deux is the only prospective Warner Bros. Discovery DC movie that is absolutely assured to be made, but Matt Reeves' Batman sequel is very certainly going to be approved. Joaquin Phoenix will allegedly return to play the title character in the Joker sequel, while Lady Gaga will supposedly join him as Harley Quinn.

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While the studio quickly approving the Joker sequel is partly due to the movie's $1 billion in box office revenue and Oscar-winning popularity, fans should expect to see some significant alterations in the upcoming movie. Actress Zazie Beetz, who portrayed Sophie Dumond in the original, believes it's a terrific idea that Folie à Deux will be a musical.

She added, "I truly believe that makes amazing sense. "That didn't really surprise me. The [Joker] has always been approached in a unique way by Todd [Phillips]." "I adore musicals," she added, "and I think of them as characters who are feeling and experiencing so much that they can only express it via singing and dancing, whether in pleasure or in grief."

According to a source, another significant distinction between Folie à Deux and Joker is that the latter's sequel will be mostly set at the Arkham Asylum. Joker features the facility when Arthur Fleck (Phoenix) visits in quest of his mother's medical records. For Warner Bros.' present state of turmoil, which began in early August when fans were startled when Batgirl was canceled after it had already been shot, the film continues to be a ray of light. According to an insider, the studios decided against making the movie because they thought "an awful Batgirl is going to be irredeemable." But studio insiders denied this claim, insisting "the decision was not driven by the quality of the film or the commitment of the filmmakers, but by the desire for the studio’s slate of DC features to be at a blockbuster scale."

Source: Variety

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