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Among Us Was Left Gathering Dust Before Its Global Success In 2020

Innersloth co-founder, the company of Among Us, has revealed that Among Us the game was left abandoned before it became a mega-viral hit in 2020

2020 was a year that those who lived through it will never forget. It was the dreaded COVID year, the year when the Earth decided to shut down and the entire human population became introverts as everyone had to stay indoors. A lot of people took up different hobbies to pass up the time, bread making, writing, arts & crafts, while the young generation did what they usually do most of the time anyway and game their butts off.

But one game became synonymous with the COVID era, the online multiplayer social deduction game developed and published by American game studio Innersloth. The game takes place in a space-themed setting where players look like colorful armless cartoon astronauts. Where players take on one of two roles, Crewmates, or Impostors. The goal of the Crewmates is to either identify and vote out the Impostors, or to complete all the tasks around the map; the goal of the Impostors is to covertly sabotage the mission either by killing the Crewmates before they complete all their tasks or by triggering a disaster that is not resolved in time.

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Marcus Bromander, a co-founder of Innersloth, said that the production team really gave up on Among Us in 2019 before the game became wildly popular the following year in a new edition of the Overcome's Visionaries podcast. In 2020, the game saw a huge increase in popularity, therefore Among Us, production would resume. "At the start of 2019, we had put out our third map and had done enough bug fixes, the game functioned, and we were like 'alright, that’s it, no more, time to work on something else,'" Bromander said. "Then when Among Us took off again we were like we should ride the wave."

In the beginning, Innersloth intended to create Among Us 2 as a follow-up to build upon the success of the previous game. Bromander adds, "I’m like, should we do Among Us 2? Or should we update the game that everyone is already playing? And that’s what we ended up settling with." Due to the game's commercial success and online expansion, Innersloth was able to keep working on the first game while also completing upgrades intended for a sequel. The Nintendo Switch version of Among Us was released in December of the same year, and in 2020 Innersloth would start developing console versions of the game. The arrival of the PlayStation and Xbox versions a year later would significantly increase the player population.

Among Us has had a lot of success that seemed to come out of nowhere, and Innersloth made the most of that success to make sure the game would keep doing well. When gamers wanted a new online game to play with friends when circumstances prevented in-person activities and meetings, Among Us was readily accessible. In addition, Among Us, VR may include new elements and bring back the novelty of the first game. For its efforts and ongoing support of the player community, Innersloth deserves praise. In 2022, Among Us is still popular, and the VR adaptation should bring more players to the mix.

Source: Dexerto

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