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An Avid Pokémon Fan Has Created A One-Meter Golden Trophy Depicting All Original 151 Pokémon

A Pokémon fan of the old school generation has gone out and created a beautiful golden one meter trophy that features all of the original 151 Pokémon from the first generation

Ever since the year 1996, the release of the first two Pokémon games which brought the world of Pokémon to the general masses, fans have gone out and created some of the most unique and creative works of fan art you could imagine. If you can think, Pokémon fans have probably made it. Now Reddit user Jerzku has come out with a new creation which at first glance you might think it is something that is going to be used for some sort of OG Pokémon tournament.

A creation that has brought all of the first-generation Pokémon onto one trophy, it is made of gold and sparkles brightly in the light. The Pokemon are glued together in numerical sequence and in the shape of a funnel, with only a few of them proudly standing on the broad top.

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Although not all of the Pokemon in Jerzku's golden trophy is instantly recognized, the Pokemon enthusiast has highlighted the evolution lines for the Gen 1 starter Pokemon, Pidgey, Oddish, Nidoran, Exeggcute, Dratini, and others in closeups. Mew sits atop Mewtwo, who is standing on Snorlax, who is standing on Aerodactyl, the Legendary birds, and Lapras because of the number sequencing.

The golden trophy, according to Jerzku, was created using 3D printed representations of each unique Pokemon, with the majority of them originating from games such as Pokemon Stadium or Pokemon GO. Models that didn't suit the creation were sculpted or molded from scratch by Jerzku, making the overall design completely unique to this Pokemon lover. The majority of the time appears to have been spent on the gluing process, which linked the 151 Pokemon together in a way that would prevent them from collapsing, with Jerzku acknowledging that it is just one good hit away from being destroyed.

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Jerzku may have hinted at their future model in the color of this Gen 1 trophy since they've expressed interest in creating one based on Pokemon Gold and Silver. Jerzku has also announced that, due to limited available space, they are prepared to sell the Gen 1 Pokemon trophy, and a few eager Pokemon enthusiasts have already tossed their hats in the ring for it. Many Pokemon enthusiasts reacted to Jerzku's Reddit post to express their delight at seeing their favorite Pokemon models represented in the artwork, while others requested assistance in identifying theirs.

Source: Jerzku

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