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Ash Ketchum Voice Actor Will Be Narrating The Pokémon Audio Book About The Pokémon World

Veronica Taylor the original voice actor for Ash Ketchum will be the narrator of Daniel Dockery's new book on how the Pokemon franchise has shaped the world

As the enthusiastic Pokemon trainer in the first animated series, Veronica Taylor has firsthand knowledge of the fandom and exactly how devoted it can be. Monster Kids by Daniel Dockery aims to highlight the significance of Pokemon in not only establishing the foundation for later monster-as-allies series like Yu-Gi-Oh and Digimon but also in shaping the direction of the genre.

And that is why Veronica Taylor is the perfect narrator to have for such an audiobook. With Monster Kids being all about the Pokemon franchise and going into detail about its history and lead up to its mega success, Veronica Taylor, being the voice for Ash in the first season of Pokemon, will bring familiarity and comfort to all the listeners who will be able to engrain themselves into the world so much smoother with the voice they will be hearing.

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224 pages of information about the Pokemon franchise, including information about its history and factors that contributed to its popularity, will be included in Monster Kids. There will also be interviews with the participants, in which their personal experiences and the factors that had an influence on the development of the complete Pokemon empire will be recounted.

As a senior writer for Crunchyroll, Dockery has also contributed to publications including Wired, Paste, and Vulture. Monster Kids will be published on October 4th, and preorders are now being accepted. The Pokemon book is also available as an ebook or a regular paperback in addition to its audiobook format.

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Due to the size and ongoing expansion of the Pokemon universe—new generations are always being released—a broad range of other monster-themed games and media are also now in the creation stage. The tales in Monster Kids should provide an intriguing look into Pokemon's catch-'em-all catchphrase. The probability of becoming nostalgic for the original animated series that began the urge to become thoroughly involved in the mythology of a fictional universe, whether it be one based on Pokemon or not, is boosted with Veronica Taylor lending her voice to the audiobook.

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