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Author Of Bridgerton Reacts To Original Story Changes In Netflix Show

Julia Quinn, author of the Bridgerton novels, discusses the changes in Netflix's critically acclaimed television adaptation across two seasons.

Bridgerton is set in the United Kingdom during the Regency era, and it follows the titular royal family as they try to negotiate high social life in ancient London while hunting for love. Phoebe Dynevor, Regé-Jean Page, Jonathan Bailey, Simone Ashley, Nicola Coughlan, Claudia Jesse, Charithra Chandran, and Julie Andrews are among the brilliant Bridgerton cast members. The program was finally renewed for seasons 3 and 4 just before season 2 began, owing to its sustained success.

Quinn discussed her original novel series and how she felt about some of the adjustments made for the series in an interview with Insider. The author, in particular, stated that she had little input in both seasons and is delighted they are not word-for-word retellings, praising the show's ability to provide viewers with an entirely different experience than reading the novels. She also stated that the two seasons are complementary to one another and provide viewers with a comprehensive experience. Below are Quinn's comments:

"The process was the same in terms of my level of involvement, which is minimal. It did veer farther from the book than season one did, but my attitude towards season one, and it really is the same thing for season two, is that they go really well together.

I don't expect them to be word-for-word and I don't want them to be carbon copies. It's really neat, you have these two things that complement each other really well. You can watch the show and read the books and have both two separate experiences and one big experience.

When I lurk on the interwebs, about half the people I see talking about either season one or season two are like, "Oh, the books are better!" and about half say, "Oh, the show's better!"

That means we're all doing a great job."

Almost every book to film or television adaptation sparks a debate regarding the amount of parallels they share with the source material. Fans have been split by revisions to the original source material in projects like You, The Flight Attendant, Little Women, Heartstopper, and others. Many of these instances have come from Netflix; nonetheless, despite significant adjustments, many of their initiatives have received positive feedback.

There's little question that the program will prosper on the streaming site, especially with the author's endorsement of how thrilled she is with her work being adapted for the small screen. Furthermore, with seasons 3 and 4 already in the works, it is evident that the show will not be slowing down any time soon. Season 3 of Bridgerton is presently in production.

Source: Insider

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