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Avatar Could Be The First Film To Break A Huge Box Office Record

The upgraded version of James Cameron's Avatar (2009) is set to re-release in theaters, and it might set a new box-office record as a consequence.

Avatar: The Way of Water, like Avatar (2009), aims to advance cinema by pushing modern filmmaking technology to its limits. Avatar: The Way of Water was shot in part utilizing underwater motion capture within a 900,000-gallon tank, which was a first in the industry. While Avatar 2's box office prospects are questionable due to the time gap between the original and sequel, it is almost assured that, like its predecessor, the picture will be a visual masterpiece.

Avatar (2009) is returning to theaters ahead of the release of Avatar 2, which might propel it into new box office territory. With a current worldwide revenue of $2.847 billion, Avatar just has to earn $153 million in its re-release to become the first picture ever to exceed $3 billion, an incredible box office milestone. The re-release of Avatar was announced by Disney at CinemaCon, and it would have restored graphics and sound. With its upgraded visuals, this re-release invites viewers to see the film again, and there's a strong probability that Disney will include a sneak peek of Avatar: The Way of Water in the re-release plans to attract a larger audience

It's not the first time Avatar has been re-released; in 2010, Cameron's film was re-released with eight minutes of additional content. Avatar was also re-released in China in 2021, making over $35 million and reclaiming the title of highest-grossing film of all time, which it had previously lost to Avengers: Endgame in 2019. This increase in sales occurred during the epidemic era, when many films struggled to find an audience, implying that now that constraints have been relaxed, Avatar can return even stronger than before. Avatar will also be re-released on September 2022's slate, which presently lacks any major movies, allowing Avatar to reach a market that is otherwise devoid of blockbusters. The success of these two earlier re-releases demonstrates that Avatar and its sequels, which had a combined budget of $1 billion, continue to have a strong market.

While it may seem unlikely that Avatar would gross more than $150 million in its re-release, there is a recent increase in blockbuster ticket sales that points to its success. In the present cinematic scene, films are once again earning solid box office figures, with Spiderman: No Way Home grossing over $1.8 billion and Dr. Strange: Multiverse of Madness displaying significant pre-sales in a post-pandemic market, suggesting that Avatar might also do well. Avatar may have been released more than a decade ago, but it has never gone out of style - and as the best-selling picture of all time, it only seems fitting that it should also be the first film to gross $3 billion at the global box office.

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