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Barrett's Ability To Use Cloud's Sword Is Revealed By FF7 Remake Devs

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade's devs have disclosed if Barret may use Cloud's legendary Buster Sword weapon in combat

In 1997, Final Fantasy VII was published for the original PlayStation. The game's graphics were pioneering at the time, but it was a long way from the days when creators had to figure out how to integrate strange elements into a realistic-looking world. This was the challenge encountered by the makers of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, who had to balance making the aesthetics reflect what fans remember while also upgrading them so that they looked beautiful. Cloud and the Buster Sword have appeared in several crossover games and FF7 spin-offs throughout the years, so their design in FF7 Remake has to be spot-on. The Buster Sword has only been used by a handful FF7 characters, with Cloud Strife, Zack Fair, and Angeal Hewley all wielding it at some time in the series. In FF7 and FF7 Remake, the other party members have their own weapons and fighting styles, hence the Buster Sword has never been utilized in battle. In an interview with the Square Enix website, FF7 Remake Character Modeling Designer Masaki Kazeno was asked if Barret might utilize Cloud' Buster Sword.

"Barret’s biceps are clearly massive when you see them in game. As an easy-to-understand comparison, the surface area of a cross section of Barret’s upper arm is around four times larger than Cloud’s. If you extrapolate this difference in terms of simple physical strength, then yes, Barret does look like he could lift and chop with the Buster Sword in one hand. However, that is a very different thing to asking if he could wield it as a weapon. If we assume that the Buster Sword is made from iron then it would be a gigantic sword that weighs around 40kg and there would be many factors required to actually wield it effectively, other than just brawn. Basically, this shows just how amazing Cloud is for being able to use it so elegantly!"

Barret can lift the Buster Sword with one hand, according to the interview, but he can't use it as a weapon in fight. Barret is a powerful character, yet he only has one hand, and the prosthetic weapons he wields in Final Fantasy 7 Remake are largely rifles. Cloud and the other Buster Sword wielders can only utilize the weapon efficiently because of external factors, as each of them has had their strength augmented in different ways. Due to the power afforded by their exposure to mako energy and being injected with Jenova cells, only members of SOLDIER are likely to be able to employ a Buster Sword. Although Barret is a muscular warrior, he will never be able to wield the colossal Buster Sword to the same extent as the SOLDIER soldiers, who have the strength of an alien monster coursing through their blood.

Source: Square Enix

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