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Before The Season 6 Finale This Is Us Star Explains Randall's Mental State

Sterling K. Brown, actor of This Is Us, teases Randall's feelings ahead of the forthcoming season 6 finale, which will also be the show's last episode

"The Train," the most recent episode of This Is Us season 6, portrayed Rebecca's last moments following her struggle with Alzheimer's. The Pearsons gathered around her bedside to say their final goodbyes, with practically every character experiencing an emotional outpouring. The event was particularly significant for Randall, who struggled to find the correct words considering his strong relationship with his mother. He also found out about Deja's pregnancy, causing him emotional whiplash throughout the hour.

Brown hinted how Randall is feeling ahead of the This Is Us season finale in an interview with TVLine. He talked about his character's reaction to Rebecca's death and how Beth helps him get over it. Brown's comments are below:

"You heard him at the end of [Episode] 17 say, "I don’t know what I want to say to her. I just want to get it right.” And that’s so much of who he is as a character: He wants to get it right. And so then at the beginning of [Episode] 18, there’s a bit of concern on his wife’s part about “how will this affect him?” She’s already gone through a couple of panic attacks, anxiety attacks in which he had a tough time getting his life back on track, and she knows as well as anybody else that this woman, if she’s not his favorite person, it’s definitely one of his favorite people. So is he in a place where he’s able to bounce back from this loss in a way that does not keep him from moving forward or having momentum in his life? Which is also what his mom said to all of her children: “Don’t let my sickness, don’t let my transition keep you from doing all the huge, wonderful things that you have to offer this world.” So I think maybe the audience, but definitely his wife, has a similar concern, which is why, early on, she feels the need to play Worst Case Scenario one last time with her husband. [Laughs]"

Randall's reaction to Rebecca's death appears to be in keeping with what fans have come to anticipate from the character. Randall has always been preoccupied with getting things just perfect throughout the length of This Is Us, and the burden of that has frequently had a bad influence on his emotional well-being. As Brown points out, Rebecca was a highly important person to Randall, so it's understandable that Beth is anxious about how he'll take her loss.

Fortunately, Beth and Randall have perhaps the greatest love connection on the show and are skilled at supporting one another through life's difficulties. That aspect of their connection appears to be revisited in the series finale. It's also wonderful to learn that the episode will include another round of "Worst Case Scenario," Randall and Beth's game that frequently results in hilarious scenes. That could give some welcome humour in the season 6 finale of This Is Us, since the remainder of the show promises to be rather sad. Though it's difficult to please everyone with the last episode of a series, the hour should provide much of what fans have grown to love about This Is Us.

Source: TVLine

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