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Breakout Game Of Thrones Star Talks About Possible Return For Jon Snow Series

John Bradley, star of Game Of Thrones who portrayed the character Samwell Tarly, talks about the possibility of him returning to Westeros for the Jon Snow sequel series

Samwell Tarly was first introduced as this out-of-place character who somehow found his way to the dreaded Wall to become a Night's Watchmen. Samwell was bullied for being overweight and unskilled in combat, and was often called "Ser Piggy" and "Lord of Ham". However, his newfound friendship with a sympathetic Jon Snow allows his character to start unfolding positively. He would go on to become one of the most lovable characters on the show and one of the lucky few to actually make it to the very end.

According to George R. R. Martin, the character Samwell Tarly is the most relatable to him. When asked why Martin said in a 2014 interview: because Sam's "the fat kid who likes to read books and doesn't like to go up a lot of stairs."Just like Tarly, and George R. R. Martin both “had trouble relationship with their fathers and neither is a fighter at heart”.George R. R. Martin refused to go to the Vietnam War because he “believed it was stupid — a sentiment that is reflected throughout the entire Song of Ice and Fire oeuvre.” Samwell Tarly would choose not to fight, just like George R.R., but in his case he had to, to survive.

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Now for the first time since 2019, Game Of Thrones is considering looking forward in time instead of looking backward. Because after the premiere of the much-discussed and highly controversial Season 8, a sequel is being considered to be in the works. Because up until now, all the spin-offs coming out of the Game Of Thrones universe were all set in the past. One that can allow us to look forward is a tempting opportunity, one which might allow us to check back on our favorite characters, and the second is a chance in a way to maybe right some wrongs and put Season 8 in a little bit more positive light.

Bradley now discusses the possibility of returning to the position he held for eight years. Bradley says in an interview with Digital Spy that he is willing to read a screenplay for the Jon Snow spinoff series of Game of Thrones. After spending so much time on Game of Thrones, Bradley said he was relieved to leave Samwell in the past. The subject of revisiting his Samwell character was brought up by the actor. Bradley claimed he hasn't discussed playing Samwell again with anybody, but he'd be open to reading a screenplay for the Jon Snow series. Bradley's whole remark about a potential Game of Thrones revival is below.

"I tend to think about it. I think we all left Game of Thrones thinking that we'd played these characters for so long and they had such a life to them, we'd like to sort of check in with them and see how they're getting on. We played those parts for so long that as soon as we'd finished, we felt sort of free of them in a way. Because it's a lot of story to carry around and a lot of emotional life to carry around with you. But in the future, who knows? I haven't spoken to anybody about the potential Jon Snow prequel, but if somebody wants to send a script my way I’d be interested to read it."

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No plot details have been announced so it is difficult to guess who might show or what the story might be about. Although what we do know is who would be on board for a return and who might not. While Gwendoline Christine, who played Brienne of Tarth, has stated she is open to reprising her role in the upcoming Game of Thrones sequel, Clarke recently indicated she is not interested in reprising her role as Daenerys. With several characters from Game of Thrones still alive at the show's conclusion, such as Bran Stark, Sansa Stark, Arya Stark, and Tyrion Lannister, it's possible that these individuals would appear in the Jon Snow series. However, it was apparently difficult for Game of Thrones' main cast to film. Bradley's desire to go out in his career after eight years of portraying Samwell is reasonable. Fans would naturally be excited to see Samwell and Jon together again on TV if the Jon Snow spinoff were to go. Hopefully, additional information about the Game of Thrones spinoff will soon become available.

Source: Digital Spy

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