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Bride-To-Be Decides To Kill Time While Playing Genshin Impact Before She Walks Down The Aisle

One special Genshin Impact player shared a snippet of themselves on Reddit playing the game moments before she was just about to get married

Even though sometimes when you hear the name Genshin it feels like it's a video game that has been around forever, but the action role-playing open-world masterpiece has been only around for a measly 2 years. But in those 2 years, Genshin has gathered a dedicated and loyal fan base that has kept the game not just alive but truly thriving in such a competitive market.

With so many new activities, characters, and story arcs, it's hardly surprising that enthusiasts are sneaking in some gaming time in between chores. However, one fan seemed adamant about continuing to play Genshin Impact, revealing that they remained in-game even while in their own wedding.

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It is not a sight many are used to say that is for sure, a Bride in her full wedding gown just casually playing Genshin on her mobile like it is another Tuesday like any other day, I'm sure the Groom already knows he's marrying a gamer girl so he won't be shocked. But the Redditor, who was playing on a mobile device, explained that their wedding was running late, so she decided to use up her Condensed Resin. Given the title's special usage of Genshin Impact Condensed Resin, fellow players are likely to understand The Snuggly Duckling's desire to go online despite the fact that she is in the midst of a very significant personal event.

Given the momentous occasion, the majority of the comments on the Reddit thread were filled with well-wishes and congrats for The Snuggly Duckling. Many others, however, responded with humor, claiming that the Genshin Impact gaming grind never ends and that the original poster is now wedded to the grind. Others understood where The Snuggly Duckling was coming from when he stated that Condensed Resin must constantly be expended and that the Resin cap must never be reached. The Redditor responded to most comments with her appreciation as well as her own hilarious remarks, demonstrating the community's overall good attitude.

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The Snuggly Duckling's amusing yet heartfelt post is most likely strong evidence of Genshin Impact's importance to its player base. As a product published in the midst of the COVID19 epidemic, the game most likely assisted in bridging the physical divide between friends and gamers. And as HoYoverse continues to give the community great updates and information, Genshin Impact is likely to remain important to the fans. Source: The_Snuggly_Duckling

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