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Charlize Theron Talks About Surprise MCU & The Boys Cameos

Charlize Theron talks about her cameos in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and The Boys, and which came first

Charlize Theron discusses her surprising appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe - via Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness - and The Boys, which occurred weeks apart. On June 3, The Boys season 3, episode 1, "Payback," was released on its respective streaming site. It starts with a scene from "Dawn of the Seven," which is full with clichés, including a surprise cameo. Homelander is joined by Queen Maeve, A-Train, Starlight, and Black Noir in the mock film's last battle against the primary enemy, Stormfront. The uncredited actress who plays Stormfront is none other than Charlize Theron, who appeared in Doctor Strange 2's post-credits sequence less than a month ago. She will now portray Clea in the MCU.

Theron organized a block party on Saturday to commemorate the 15th anniversary of her Africa Outreach Project. She chatted with Variety on her cameo appearances in The Boys and the MCU while there. When asked which moment came first, Theron stated that her Long Shot co-star and The Boys executive producer, Seth Rogen, contacted Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige first. Read the entire quote below:

“Seth asked me a while back, and I will lay my body over broken glass for that guy and all of his partners at Point Gray, I absolutely love them, and we look after each other. I love the show. I think it’s really smart.[When Marvel Studios called] I was very transparent [about The Boys], and they were just like, ‘This is great.' I mean, [The Boys is] a satire. I think there’s room for everything, and it doesn’t mean anything other than people are interested in these kinds of worlds right now.

Both of Theron's cameos were kept under wraps and elicited the same reaction, with The Boys' being the more comic of the two. Many people assumed The Boys cast Theron after hearing she'd make a startling cameo in Doctor Strange 2. This appears to prove not just that Theron's casting in both films was a gigantic, coincidental coincidence, but also that Feige and team are willing to poke fun at themselves. Theron's appearance in Multiverse of Madness establishes her as a key figure in Doctor Strange's destiny. That being said, it's hardly surprising that an A-lister like Theron would join the MCU in Phase 4. Many fans have criticized Doctor Strange 2's post-credits scene as one of the weakest in MCU history because it feels like a parody of its predecessors; Theron's presence is distracting, casual audiences are unfamiliar with Clea, and the scene feels out of place following the ending of Multiverse of Madness.

Source: Variety

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