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Christian Bale Discusses Gorr's Comic Book G-String Look In Thor 4

Thor: Thunder and Love Actor Christian Bale shares with fans his impressions of Gorr the God Butcher's provocative attire from the Thor comics

Although Gorr the God Butcher's character design and look in Thor: Love and Thunder significantly differ from those in the Thor comics, the actor who plays Gorr, Christian Bale, at least found the change in attire to be pleasant. "I sort of know what he does, you think. Isn't it right there in the name?" In allusion to Gorr's gruesome "God Butcher" moniker, Bale told Total Film magazine. "I did, however, make the error of Googling him, and, oh no!

He often goes about in a G-string in the comics "The actor kept going. "They don't have the appropriate man for that, I thought. After that, [director Taika Waititi] promptly put an end to any impressions that he was going to go about like that. But I've always wondered what he could accomplish with this in front of a bluescreen, where he could afterward add anything."

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Even if Gorr's look has changed from the comic books to the screen, it seems that at least some of the character's past hasn't been altered. After Gorr suffered a lifetime of trials and personal tragedies, he developed a grudge against the gods for not ever assisting him.

This gives Gorr a "complexity" that makes him one of the "more fascinating" types of villains, claims Thor actor Chris Hemsworth. Hemsworth added, "You understand why he's been thrown over the brink and why he's gone down this route, even if you don't agree with how he's going about it.

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Gorr is more than just your typical villain, despite the fact that he has clearly done evil things. The few test audiences who have watched Love and Thunder so far appear to concur with the director Waititi who believes Gorr to be the "most sympathetic villain" seen thus far in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He has also undergone the most testing of any villain that Marvel has ever had, according to Waititi.

Gorr won't have his comic-accurate G-string, but Love and Thunder pledge to make up for it in other ways for those who are dissatisfied. Love and Thunder gets a PG-13 classification like the other MCU films to do, however, it is the only Marvel movie to have "partial nudity" listed as a justification for the rating. Although it hasn't been verified, it's likely because of an uncut version of a sequence in the teaser where Zeus suddenly removes Thor's garments.

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