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Christian Bale's Gorr Was A Powerful Presence On Set In Thor 4

On the set of Thor: Love and Thunder, co-stars Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson recall Christian Bale's strong Gorr the God Butcher presence

In the aftermath of Avengers: Endgame, Hemsworth's Thor will take a step back from the heroic life in Love and Thunder. His quest for inner serenity, however, would be cut short by the appearance of Gorr the God Butcher. Bale makes his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in Thor: Love and Thunder, and his character as Gorr is one of the film's most anticipated components. The anecdotes about Bale's efforts on site, as recounted by his Love and Thunder co-stars Hemsworth and Thompson, are adding to the excitement.

The MCU vets discuss how Bale handled himself while working on Thor: Love and Thunder in an interview for D23 Magazine's Spring 2022 issue (via The Direct). Hemsworth mentions how the Gorr actor's presence would be felt on site. Meanwhile, Thompson reveals how Bale managed to strike a balance between playing a truly terrifying villain in a fun picture. Read their entire responses below:

Hemsworth: The rest of us would be in our world of improvisation, comedy, and fun - then he’d walk on set, and we’d all look at each other and say ‘Oh, my God! This is really intense. This is really scary.''

Thompson: (Bale) toed this really great line, because he needs to be terrifying, but he also needs to work in the context of our colorful, snappy, irreverent world.

Gorr's involvement in Thor: Love and Thunder is still unknown at this time. However, given on what has been released in terms of official marketing thus far, it looks that Marvel Studios and Waititi are staying true to his comic book motivations.

Waititi previously stated that Bale's Gorr is his favorite MCU villain. Given that the franchise has seen Thanos, Killmonger, and even Loki, it's a very bold assertion. Given Bale's acting abilities, it's not too far-fetched to believe this is the case. According to Hemsworth and Thompson's statements, the actor completely embraced his nasty part and delivered on that front. If he turns out to be one of the great MCU villains, fans will hopefully see more of him after his appearance in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Source: The Direct

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