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Cookie Monster's Real Name Has Shocked Sesame Street Fans

Many Sesame Street watchers thought Cookie Monster was simply called Cookie Monster, but his official Twitter account suggests otherwise.

Sesame Street fans are shaken after Cookie Monster disclosed his actual name on social media. For decades, the blue cookie-loving fiend has been a fan favorite on the Public Broadcasting Service, but many viewers had assumed he was simply known as Cookie Monster.

However, it appears that this time-honored moniker is only a pseudonym, as he stated on Twitter, "Did you know my name is Sid?" Despite delivering the truth bomb, Sid assured his adoring admirers, "I still like to be known as Cookie Monster." However, after shaking the foundations of many a childhood, Sid's tweet was welcomed with surprise by many followers.

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"I've known you for 45 years and only now discovered this. This is incredible "one user responded However, it appears that this isn't the first time the Cookie Monster has revealed his true identity to the world. Many Sesame Street fans pointed out that he'd already revealed this knowledge in a very public way in the song "The First Time Me Eat Cookie."

The Cookie Monster says in the song, which aired in a 2004 episode, "In reality, back then, I thought my name was Sid." This piece of Sesame Street history was revived in 2010 when the Cookie Monster revealed on the show's official Twitter that everyone had been calling him by his moniker.

The Cookie Monster is one of Sesame Street's original characters, first debuting in Season 1 in 1969. Until HBO began showing first-run episodes in 2016, PBS was the show's exclusive home. Since then, PBS has only played repeats of Sesame Street. When HBO Max premiered in 2020, the award-winning series became an HBO Max original. The new season of Sesame Street will premiere on HBO Max and PBS on November 3.

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