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Creator Of Hit HBO Max Show Young Justice Urges Fans To Rally Together To Save The Show

Greg Weisman, who co-created Young Justice, wants to see a fifth season of the DC animated series, urging viewers to band together to rescue the program.

Before being discontinued in 2013, Young Justice previously aired on Cartoon Network for its first two seasons. The third season of Young Justice was announced by Warner Bros. Animation in November 2016, and it debuted in January 2019 on the recently launched streaming service DC Universe.

For its fourth season, Phantoms, the program moved to HBO Max in the midst of DC Universe's closure. Late in 2021, the first half of the season was made available on the streaming platform; in March 2022, the second half of the season started to be streamed. On June 9, HBO Max released the final episode of the 26-episode fourth season.

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Weisman just announced the release of Young Justice: Targets #2, written by him and Christopher Jones, on his personal Twitter account. He urged followers to "Buy a copy to assist us #SaveEarth16" as he concluded his message.

Following news that HBO Max had no intention of renewing the animated series for a fifth season, the hashtag—which alludes to the universe in which Young Justice is set—was extensively disseminated on social media. After the Young Justice Season 4 conclusion, a limited digital-only comic book series called Young Justice: Targets begins.

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Young Justice has a devoted following, as seen by the hashtag #SaveEarth16, but that support might not be enough to save the series from being canceled. Young Justice fans will need to speak up clearly if they want WBD to renew the DC animated series for a second season because HBO Max is reportedly cutting ties with scripted animation entertainment. The lives and adventures of "the team," a group of teenage superheroes that included Dick Grayson/Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Superboy, Red Arrow, Miss Martian, and Artemis, were initially the focus of Young Justice. The story has expanded to include the larger DC Universe and has included the Outsiders and the Sentinels of Magic School among other fictitious groups. All four seasons of Young Justice have received critical acclaim from critics and fans. On the review aggregate website Rotten Tomatoes, the show's average Tomatometer is at 95% fresh while the average audience score is 79% fresh.

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