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Crystal Dynamic's Marvel's Avengers Video Game Adds Thor's Cosmic Herald Comic Outfit

#Thor's Cosmic Herald Outfit, a comic-inspired outfit that sees the God of Thunder empowered with Galactus' Power Cosmic, has been introduced to #Marvel's Avengers.

Players in Marvel's Avengers can pick from a variety of cosmetic and playable characters. Microtransactions and technical concerns have tainted the superhero experience, and after many free upgrades, Marvel's Avengers still lacks any compelling content to keep gamers interested. New cosmetic items are released to the game on a near-weekly basis, however due to the game's microtransaction system, users must pay real money to obtain them. The newly released 2.4 update increased Marvel's Avengers' events and prizes, but the game still has a lot of room for improvement.

Thor's Cosmic Herald Outfit, inspired by comic books, imbues the God of Thunder with cosmic power. The heavenly outfit first appeared in the 2020 storyline The Devourer King, when Thor joined forces with Galactus the World Eater to avoid the universe's destruction. Thor has bleached-white hair and wears a heavenly circlet as a crown in the in-game attire, which precisely recreates the majestic cosmic look. His eyes are a brilliant white, and his clothing is flecked with gleaming stars.

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While comic-inspired clothes are always fun, many Marvel's Avengers fans prefer designs from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Crystal Dynamics, for example, just introduced the Iron Man suit from Captain America: Civil War to the game. The game didn't come with any live-action skins at first, but they rapidly became the most desired feature among players. Marvel's Avengers have gained cosmetic clothes from films such as Avengers: Endgame, Captain America: Civil War, Black Widow, and others since then. Despite this, many players have chastised Marvel's Avengers for making MCU skins monetizable rather than earning them in-game.

Marvel's Avengers has put a lot of emphasis on MCU costumes, so seeing comic-inspired designs in-game is a real pleasure. Thor's Cosmic Herald Outfit depicts the God of Thunder at the pinnacle of his might, wielding Asgardian might as well as Galactus' Cosmic Power. The Cosmic Herald Outfit is now available in the Marvel's Avengers Marketplace for anyone interested in getting this extraterrestrial clothing.

Source: Marvel's Avengers/Twitter

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