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Crystal Dynamic's Marvel's Avengers Video Game Is Adding Jane Foster & MODOK Boss Fight

This month, Jane Foster Thor will join Marvel's Avengers, while the villain MODOK will make a comeback in a new Warzone and Omega Level Threat

Crystal Dynamics' multiplayer superhero simulator debuted in 2020, but it has failed to sustain a player base in the face of harsh criticism. While fans lauded Marvel's Avengers for its single-player plot and cast of distinct playable heroes, the game was panned at launch for technical flaws, Marketplace microtransactions, and repetitive endgame content. Crystal Dynamics has worked to address these issues over the last two years, but the game's player base has steadily declined.

Square Enix just sold Crystal Dynamics to Embracer Group, further complicating the future of Marvel's Avengers. Many anticipated the game's support to be canceled, but the developer seemed determined to keep improving the experience. Jane Foster Thor was unveiled as a new playable hero in Marvel's Avengers in April, and fans will be able to step into her Asgardian footsteps shortly. A Marvel's Avengers blog post, posted on Twitter by Marvel's Avengers, promises a slew of future content, including Jane Foster Thor, AIM's Cloning Lab, and a multiplayer boss battle against MODOK. Jane Foster was unveiled in April, and she will be available in-game later this month.

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Crystal Dynamics has refused to forsake Marvel's Avengers despite widespread criticism and the sale to Embracer Group. Back in May, a Marvel's Avengers patch boosted events and prizes, with the game's new framework allowing limited-time events to cycle on a predictable schedule. Participation in these events' tasks, which vary from enormous Meta Mission Chains to minor Daily Mission Chains, earns players unique equip prizes. Marvel's Avengers has been struggling to find its feet, but a slew of fresh content has been revealed for the near future.

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