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David Harbour Reacts To The End Of Stranger Things

While viewers will have to wait for a long time, actor David Harbour knows how Stranger Things ends and promises an emotional and beautiful conclusion to Hopper's narrative.

Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) is a little girl who was the product of immoral human research that given her extraordinary abilities. Following her escape, she and her newfound allies discover the otherworldly mysteries wreaking irreparable harm on Hawkins, Indiana. In Stranger Things season 3, Eleven's unexpected guardian Hopper (Harbour) appears to have died in a selfless act to protect those he loves about. But that is not the end of his story. Stranger Things dropped hints that Hopper was not dead, and subsequently verified his survival with a wintry image of Russia, where he is presently imprisoned.

As the release date for Stranger Things season 4 approaches, Harbour tells Variety that he knows what's in store for Hopper beyond the forthcoming season. While he has no desire to reveal it, the actor learned early on in Stranger Things where Hopper's tale would finally finish up, which helped him play better. Harbour does not go into detail, but hints an emotional ending for Hopper. While this does not preclude out a sad scenario, following his death fright and his captivity, Hopper deserves a happy conclusion. Read his entire remark below:

"I think it varies from person to person, from character to character, and I’m such a harassment specialist that I think I’ve gotten it out of them. It’s been back and forth about like, ‘What happens to Hopper? Is he a character that’s able to survive Hawkins or does he die?' … I know what happens and it’s quite moving, and quite beautiful."

Although Stranger Things' last season is just around the bend, the inhabitants of Hawkins still have a lot in store for them. The most recent clip displays a lot to be excited about and hints to a scarier season. With such a gripping plot ahead, it's no wonder that Stranger Things season 4 is the longest ever, clocking in at a whopping 13-hour run length. Three of the show's longest episodes were just released by Netflix: Episode 407 is one hour and 38 minutes long, episode 408 is one hour and 25 minutes long, and the season finale (episode 409) is two and a half hours long.

Harbour may know how Hopper's narrative will finish, but his castmates appear to be left in the dark. Brown and Noah Schnapp (Will) have expressed their desire for an even darker season 5, predicting catastrophic deaths for the show's key characters. They'll probably find out all the details soon enough. Hopper's tale is still unfolding, so Harbour's tease about a dramatic ending will have to wait until Stranger Things season 5 arrives.

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