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David Harbour The Star Of Stranger Things Thought The Show Would Be Cancelled After One Season

Stranger Things star David Harbour who plays Jim Hopper on the show reveals he thought the show would for sure get canceled after one season

David Harbour stars in Stranger Things as Jim Hopper, a local sheriff, and everyone's favorite TV dad. He has been in the acting game since 1999, with his first piece of work coming on everyone's favorite stepping stone for world-class actors, Law and Order. He would spend years in the game, jumping from TV to Movies and theater.

He had some massive supporting roles in stuff like Brokeback Mountain (2005), Quantum of Solace (2008), The Green Hornet (2011), End of Watch (2012), The Equalizer (2014), Black Mass (2015), and Suicide Squad (2016). He portrayed the title character in Hellboy (2019) and Red Guardian in Black Widow (2021). But it was not till Stranger Things that he really gained global recognition.

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But it is ironic that Stranger Things is what shot him to superstardom when in the beginning he actually thought this might be a sort of black mark on his career for being the first Netflix show to not get even a second season. "I remember when we were shooting the first season. We were down in Atlanta, Netflix had given us a budget of about $20. Halfway through I remember my hair person coming up to me, like about episode four we were shooting, and she was like, 'I don’t think it’s gonna work.'" Harbour said on BBC's The One Show (via Insider). "By the time we finished, we wrapped, I thought we wouldn’t get a second season, we’d be the first Netflix show kind of ever to never get a second season. We thought no one would watch it, it was going to be a disaster."

Instead of being Netflix's first series to never receive a second season, Stranger Things has become the streaming service's most popular English-language series to date, with Season 4 garnering over 188.19 million hours total seen. The series also appears to have slowed Netflix's loss of customers. The streaming service forecast a two-million-subscriber drop in the second quarter of 2022 earlier this year. According to a new report, the company only lost a little less than a million dollars, which Netflix CEO Reed Hastings attributed to the recent release of Stranger Things Season 4: "If there was a single thing we might say Stranger Things." The season was so popular that Volume 2 caused Netflix's servers to crash.

David Harbour can now go out and be in movies like Black Widow and The Extraction partly because of the recognition he got from Stranger Things. He will be wrapping up that journey soon enough with the Season 5 finale and ending Jim Hopper's story, but I am more than sure that he is 100% thankful to have been so wrong on this one looking back on it now.

Source: The One Show - Insider

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