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David Tennant Returns In New Costume In Doctor Who Set Photo

Set photographs from the Doctor Who 60th anniversary filming show David Tennant reprising his role as the 10th Doctor, although in a somewhat modified wardrobe

Little is known about the Doctor Who 60th anniversary special other that it will include a new Doctor with Gatwa's 14, but the BBC just announced that David Tennant and Catherine Tate will reprise their roles for the program. While it wasn't stated at the time, it's anticipated that Tennant and Tate would reprise their roles as the 10th Doctor and Donna Noble, respectively. Russell T. Davies, the new and returning showrunner, implied as much, although his comments were purposely unclear. After all, Doctor Who is a program that can travel across space and time, so there's no assurance that Tennant and Tate would return as their original roles, or that if they did, they'd be playing the same versions of those characters that fans are acquainted with. New set images from the production of the Doctor Who 60th anniversary special, however, may reveal how Tennant and Tate will reprise their roles.

A shot taken during production for the Doctor Who 60th Anniversary special (via Safe Space Who) shows David Tennant in a costume that looks strikingly similar to one of the 10th Doctor's. The outfit looks to be the same brown pinstripe as before, but he's now wearing a black coat over it. Although Tennant's Doctor has a fresh appearance, the style is clearly that of the 10th Doctor. Take a look at the set shot below:

Tate is also returning as Donna Noble in other set photographs, albeit the images aren't as good and she can only be identified by her long red hair. The TARDIS can also be seen in some of the set images, and while the resolution isn't great, it appears to be the TARDIS that Whittaker used as the 13th Doctor. Her tenure began with the outside of the TARDIS undergoing renovations. This might be a significant element, since it implies that the 60th anniversary special will be a multi-Doctor adventure, with the 10th Doctor appearing with the TARDIS of a later incarnation rather than his own. However, because the variations between TARDIS exteriors aren't as striking as the differences between TARDIS interiors, the BBC may just wish to employ their most recent TARDIS prop.

Whether or whether Davies is planning another legendary multiple Doctor narrative to commemorate Doctor Who's diamond jubilee remains a mystery, but these new images strongly imply that he is. He could still put his own twist on it, complicating it much more than a previous Doctor and companion reappearing through time travel. Other possibilities mentioned by Davies were "a parallel universe Or a deception, or a dream "Consequently, the 10th Doctor's reunion with Donna may not be as straightforward as these images suggest. Tennant's somewhat altered wardrobe, which includes a darker coat that he's never worn before, might potentially indicate that this is an alternative version. The Doctor Who 60th anniversary special is now in production for a 2023 release, and more information will be released in the following weeks.

Source: Safe Space Who/Twitter

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