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Director Of Disney's Acclaimed Movie Encanto Say's He Hasn't Spotted All The Easter Eggs There Are

Despite his best efforts, Encanto director Jared Bush admits that he has yet to find all of the Easter eggs concealed in the film

As a result of Encanto's popularity, Disney has stated that it intends to continue the Madrigal family's adventures. Encanto has been referred to as a "franchise" by Disney CEO Bob Chapek, and Bush has mentioned the possibility of a TV series based on the character. With almost a billion minutes watched, Encanto has become one of the most popular films on the site. Bush has highlighted the various Easter eggs and subtle references peppered all throughout Disney film that fans may or may not have picked up on since its premiere.

Nevertheless, regardless of the number of times one might have watched Encanto, it appears that catching every Easter egg that animators have sneaked into the picture is practically difficult. Even Bush, who co-directed the film with Byron Howard and Charise Castro Smith, admitted on Twitter that he had not yet discovered all of the Easter eggs. In the end, the filmmaker attributed the problem on the large crew working on the Disney blockbuster. See what he says below:

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Perhaps one Disney's trademarks is the placement of Easter eggs in its films. Not only can they provide pleasant surprises for in-the-know viewers, yet they still allow filmmakers to add some personalization to their work. Easter eggs are indeed a sign of a filmmaker's attention to detail, a tradition that has happily survived in today's animated Disney films. However, it's intriguing to learn that Encanto is so densely packed with them that not even the film's director has seen them all.

Encanto appears to have met all of the criteria for being dubbed a Disney animated masterpiece. The film is likely the studio's strongest blockbuster since Frozen, with memorable songs and extreme rewatchability. Encanto's many Easter eggs, however, are a crucial reason for its enormous success, demonstrating the thought and care that went into building this new Disney narrative among its fascinating and loveable new characters. The multitude of personalities inside the Madrigal family provides up unlimited opportunity to continue investigating their stories, not to mention a whole host of fresh new Encanto Easter eggs to sneak in, with Encanto 2 on the horizon.

Source: Jared Bush

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