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DLC For Resident Evil Village Stars Ethan Winters' Daughter In Shadows Of Rose

The Shadows of Rose DLC for Resident Evil Village has been confirmed, and it will star Ethan Winters' daughter as she becomes trapped in the Megamycete

The conclusion of Resident Evil Village revealed an older Rose, causing many fans to hope she might be the protagonist of a future Resident Evil game. Rose acknowledges her talents and that Chris Redfield is a part of her life, teasing future visits. The DLC is just one of several new additions to the horror genre, with Capcom also announcing the availability of current-gen enhancements for Resident Evil 7, 2, and 3.

The Capcom Showcase event finally provided fans an update on the previously promised Resident Evil Village DLC. The DLC and base game will be included in the new Resident Evil Village Gold Edition, as well as sold to current owners of the game as part of the Winters' Expansion, which will include a third-person mode for Ethan Winters in the main game, as well as new characters for Resident Evil Villages' Mercenaries mode.

Rose is locked in a realm within her own memory, which is made up of her recollections of the hamlet she was trapped in as a kid, in Shadows of Rose. She is mentored by a figure named "Michael," who provides a solution for her powers to be removed. Rose also meets a mirror image of herself, as well as an evil counterpart of the Duke from Resident Evil Village. Rose appears to be wielding a handgun in the released clip, indicating that she will not be using her abilities in the Shadows of Rose expansion. It's intriguing to see the Resident Evil Village DLC continue the tale rather than build on the original game's material. Most fans expected the DLC to include either a prologue chapter or additional locales for Ethan to explore in the tale. The fact that Rose is already taking center stage is an interesting development for the game, since Shadows of Rose and future additions might show her learning to wield her talents ahead of a full leading role in a future Resident Evil game.

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