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Early Percy Jackson Show Footage Gets The Rick Riordan Praise

The early footage from the Disney+ series Percy Jackson and the Olympians, which is based on author Rick Riordan's books, has received glowing reviews

The Lightning Thief, the first novel in Riordan's well-known series, was published in 2005 and has already sold over a million copies. It's clear that readers all over the world are connected with dyslexic and ADHD children. The remaining books in the modern-day Greek mythology series were released in the years that followed, turning Percy into a global sensation with translations into many different languages for his admirers.

Now that Riordan has been involved in the entire process, the books are being turned into a Disney+ series, with a significant amount of direct influence from him. Early in June, Percy Jackson's production commenced in Vancouver, and the author has provided several updates on the show's development. The anticipation for the premiere of the program is continuing to rise, especially when he just confirmed the casting of two important characters, Luke Castellan and Clarisse LaRue.

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As the fourth week of production gets underway, Riordan updates followers on his website with daily videos and his enthusiastic admiration of the actors. He has previously responded to Percy Jackson test footage on his website, and he only appears to be becoming more and more enthusiastic. Throughout his post, his excitement is evident. The quote from Riordan is below.

"Our fourth full week of filming is well underway in Vancouver, BC! We are receiving ‘dailies’ of the scenes recorded each day, and they look . . . dare I say, divine. This cast is electrifying. They own their characters and turn their lines into magic on screen. That’s even before editing, soundtracks or special effects."

It will be fascinating to hear what Riordan has to say when Percy Jackson gets polished throughout the post-production stage if he is this effusive in his praise before any editing or special effects. Since Riordan says that Percy Jackson has teamed up with Industrial Light and Magic for filmmaking, this procedure will also be quite remarkable. The fact that they are utilizing the same Volume stage technology that gave The Mandalorian its breathtaking visual effects is highly encouraging for Percy Jackson's numerous essential effects. The majority of Riordan's compliments are likely directed to the core cast, which includes Grover, Leah Sava Jeffries, and Walker Scobell as Percy. It's amazing to hear such high praise for the young ensemble, especially coming from the guy who invented the characters they are portraying. It is evident that the performers are perfect for the part. Percy Jackson and the Olympians fans should also be extremely delighted about this because the show is already well underway, doing fantastically, the cast is amazing, and the author is quite pleased with it. Therefore, viewers may have faith in the procedure for the time being and look forward to the show's debut.

Source: Rick Riordan

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