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Elizabeth Olsen Responds To The Rumors That She Is In Talks For House Of The Dragon Season 2

Elizabeth Olsen, star of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has denied speculations that she is in discussions to join the House of the Dragon cast for the second season.

Elizabeth Olsen has for years now grown into worldwide fame with her brilliant portrayal of Marvel's Scarlet Witch across Movies and TV Projects. Solidifying herself as one of the best actresses around, being tied to a Marvel contract had kept her from pursuing other projects she might have been interested in because of the rigorous schedules.

But now, the Marvel load has lightened a bit for Ms. Olsen, (well for now at least,) because as she is on this sabbatical from the MCU her schedule is now wide open, and is able to pursue many other projects. One project which rumors have sprung of Elizabeth being in the running for, was a role in one of the hottest things going on today, Season 2 of House Of The Dragon.

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Now as speculations go, a rumor like this does make some sense. Because why not, why wouldn't the folks at House Of The Dragon want to bring on Elizabeth Olsen for Season 2, she would only increase the name and add her humongous talent to the show. But for now, Ms. Olsen herself has thrown water on that fire as she recently responded to speculation that she's in the running to appear in House of the Dragon Season 2.

"I don't know how rumors like that get started and people think they're legitimate," she said, while also acknowledging that she gets the appeal of dream casting. "I heard [my casting] was like announced, though, which is weirder... from someone with a blue check [on Twitter] I heard when I did my Variety interview for tonight... I've never heard of such a thing." Olsen went on to say that she was still interested in becoming a part of House of the Dragon if the chance arose and that she had previously auditioned for the show's precursor, Game of Thrones.

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Even though Olsen won't be arriving in Westeros any time soon, House of the Dragon's roster of acting talent has already undergone significant changes since the series premiered in August 2022, and coupled with the fact that Season 2 has already been planned out for and thought off, it would be hard to find where Elizabeth Olsen could slot into that mega complicated puzzle, but if the folks running that machine were paying attention to that interview, I would find a way to rearrange that puzzle and fit the Elizabeth Olsen piece in, because she will do nothing but only enhance the product and make it better.

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