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Following The Success Of Uncharted Sony Is Developing A Gran Turismo Film

PlayStation and Sony are developing a new film based on the motor racing computer game Gran Turismo, with Neill Blomkamp in discussions to helm

Sony Pictures and PlayStation Productions are collaborating on a film based on the Gran Turismo video game, which will most likely be directed by Neill Blomkamp. Gran Turismo is a video game about vehicle racing that is well-known for its immersive gameplay. There have been speculations that a Gran Turismo TV program was in the works, however such allegations are most likely false. Uncharted, starring Tom Holland and directed by Ruben Fleishcer, is a film based on a video game that Sony will release in 2022. Uncharted was a tremendous hit for Sony, grossing $400 million at the box office worldwide.

According to Deadline, Sony and Playstation are working on a Gran Turismo film. The plot of the film is yet to be revealed. Because Uncharted was such a huge box office hit, it's understandable that Sony is betting on another video game film to do well. Sony is in negotiations with Blomkamp about directing the Gran Turismo film, though he hasn't formally signed on. Blomkamp is most recognized for his work on District 9, Elysium, Chappie, and his most recent picture, Demonic, a demonic horror thriller. Blomkamp is no stranger to video games, since he is now working on his own game, Off the Grid, which will be published next year.

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It'll be fascinating to see how the Gran Turismo game will be adapted into a film, considering the game is far more focused on the driving experience than on characters or stories. Sony is adapting a number of additional PlayStation games, including a television series based on The Last of Us and a film based on Ghost of Tsushima. To put it another way, PlayStation and Sony appear to be dipping into their massive catalog of IP, with Gran Turismo being the most recent example. As more information on the Gran Turismo movie adaptation becomes available, stay tuned for updates.

Source: Deadline

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