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For a three-year-old Disney fan, Anya Taylor-Joy pretended to be Elsa from Frozen.

Anya Taylor-Joy demonstrates that she is the ideal live-action actress. Elsa, after confessing she pretended to be Anna from Frozen for a little Disney fan.

Taylor-Joy was recently cast in the Mad Max: Fury Road prequel Furiosa, as well as providing the voice of Princess Peach in the next Super Mario Bros. animated feature. However, many fans believe she would be ideal for another role: Elsa in a live-action Frozen. Of course, there has been no indication that Disney is even exploring a live-action Frozen remake. With the franchise's success, it wouldn't be shocking if one was created. Meanwhile, Taylor-Joy bears an uncanny likeness to the Disney princess, which she appears to have embraced.


Taylor-Joy told Ali Plumb about how she pretended to be Elsa for a little admirer in an interview. Taylor-Joy collaborated with a filmmaker who was a major Frozen fan and has a 3-year-old kid. As a result, the director invited Taylor-Joy to come over and play the part of a Disney princess for the small child. Taylor-Joy described how thrilled the small girl was, yet she was concerned that Taylor-Joy might use her Elsa skills to freeze the location. Take a look at the following story:

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Meanwhile, the interviewer made an intriguing point about how it is just a matter of time before a live-action Frozen film becomes a reality. Disney has yet to announce a Frozen 3 sequel, so they might alter their minds and undertake a live-action adaptation instead. Whether there be a Frozen remake or a Frozen 3, it is apparent that the franchise's enchantment is still very much alive. Another tiny girl recently captured the world by singing "Let it Go" at a Ukrainian shelter, capturing the attention of the whole world. Even in the worst of conditions, the Disney film's charming innocence has the capacity to provide togetherness and hope. Frozen continues to have an influence on individuals who use the film to offer light and pleasure to others, whether it's singing "Let it Go" at a shelter or pretending to be Elsa.

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